10 Afternoon Classics for a Disney + Marathon

Disney + arrived by opening our chest of nostalgia and reminding us of several classics from a whole childhood in front of the TV watching the afternoon movies. So nothing better than a reality check and a time test – do they stand up to decades? This is what you can find out in the streaming which just debuted in Brazil!

Below we list a few of the classics replayed till you drop in the afternoon session that you can stream Mickey Mouse and let your inner child go wild. Left?

Fancy a classic Christmas? So take it! It’s impossible not to remember how we grew old in front of the photos of Macaulay Culkin in his forties, but it’s also very difficult not to embark on the adventures and crazy plans of Kevin McCallister.

Herbie: My Turbo Beetle

Enjoy watching:

Car movie? I would like. Is the car a beetle? Even better. Is the driver Lindsay Lohan? It’s the perfection. The Volkswagen Beetle that appeared in six Disney films made its final appearance in this afternoon classic, which, let’s face it, isn’t very demanding, but has the courage to keep demanding Herbie esteem. ?

Honey, I shrunk the children / Honey, I stretched the baby / Honey, we choose

If you never imagined what you would do if your dad suddenly snuggled you up in your backyard, I’m sorry.

Flubber, a brainless invention

The late Robin Williams plays a somewhat unbalanced professor who discovers a substance apparently alive in his laboratory. From then on, there is so much confusion that he even forgets that there is life beyond work.

Shadow, Sassy and Chance were the best childhood friends of whoever writes to you. The cruelest truth in life is that we see ourselves as sassy when we are all half lucky.

(But cats are always better.)

Childhood dream: to find a lost twin who is very, very rich.

The shock that comes with age: how come these parents thought it was a good idea for everyone to stay with a girl and not talk about her anymore ??????

Three girls and a baby

A mother unable to take care of her son decides to leave the child at the door of an apartment where three very, very awkward single men live. A comedy with fragile masculinity which, surprisingly, is directed by Leonard Nimoy. Live long and prosper.

Arnold Schwarzenegger on tour in New York City in search of the hottest doll his son wants for Christmas on December 24. What could possibly go wrong? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. An irreplaceable classic!

Edward Scissorhands

An entire generation has grown up watching this beautiful romance of fantasy, tragedy and beauty by Tim Burton. The story updates Frankenstein’s narrative towards new times, betting on the dazzling naivety for the reinvention that proposes and delivers a result that exceeds its time.

In this sequence, Deloris (Whoopi Goldberg) disguises herself again as Sister Mary Clarence and returns to the convent at the request of the Mother Superior. She creates a choir with the most rebellious young people to encourage them in the fight to maintain the school. It’s worth revisiting, isn’t it?

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