10 comedies to cry with laughter on Netflix

If there is one type of Brazilian film, a-do-ra is a comedy. We love to laugh and have fun with crazy and improbable stories that transport us to situations different from our reality and make us laugh so delicious that it makes us forget about any problem. A good comedy, the kind that makes you stomach ache and brings tears to your face, is sometimes all you need to relieve the tension of everyday life. To bring some joy to your day, here is a short list of 10 wonderful comedies to see. Prepare to have a good laugh!

10 – “The plague goats”

Edmilson Filho and Matheus Nachtergaele live a pair of unlikely police officers – one coming from Ceará to São Paulo in search of a kidnapped goat, the other trying to show his service in the cosmopolitan and chaotic capital. To stop the bandits, the two will have to team up and collect the special goat before the anniversary of the city of Bruceuilis.

9 – ‘Help, I have become a girl!’

A cheerful comedy with dear Thati Lopes tells the now classic story of body swapping. The difference here is that Victor Lamoglia is a shy boy who wakes up in the body of the most popular girl in school, and therefore is lucky to be close to the girl he’s in love with.

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8 – “Bad trip”

Shot in “gotcha” format, this film is the greatest journey. It tells the story of two men lost in California, one of whom finds the love of his childhood. To declare his passion, he decides to steal the car of his best friend’s sister and crosses the United States to New York and requests a date with his beloved. Along the way, the two play tricks on people they meet on the way and begin to be wanted by the police.

7 – “At second sight”

Semi-inspired by the life of comedian Iliza Shlesinger, it tells the story of an actress who does not believe in love, until the day she meets a caring man who becomes her best friend. The great insight of ‘A Segunda Vista’ is the unexpected way this story is told, full of twists and turns.

6 – ‘Carnival’

Nostalgic comedy that takes place at the Salvador Carnival and has a taste, fullness and flavor of Carnival. Centered around four best friends, the story is a delightful, giant leap forward adventure of four very different girls who will spend their festive days in Bahia’s capital, but end up finding far more than they could possibly have been able to find there. imagine.

5 – “Knock, knock”

This 2017 film is a Spanish gem. In an office, while waiting to be seen by a late psychiatrist, several patients try to pass the time, however, there is one detail: they all have some sort of obsessive disorder.

4 – “The bad Missy”

It’s the kind of movie that makes you laugh from start to finish. A guy meets the woman of his dreams and picks up his phone. So, he needs to take a trip to Hawaii and decides to call her his guest, however, at the time of “let’s see” he ends up confusing the names and calls another woman, a crazy woman he had met and who , coincidentally bears the same name as the Ideal Woman. Confusion is the order of the day!

3 – “Live twice”

With a dramatic backdrop, ‘Living Two Times’ is a comedy based on the grandfather-granddaughter relationship, who in a very twisted way love each other, but are unable to express their affection in conventional ways and , therefore, remain pungent. themselves all the time on a journey they take to make a grandfather’s dream come true.

2 – ‘Coffee and Kareem’

The unexpected partnership between a lost cop and a 12 year old teenager who smells of everything in the streets of the neighborhood is the motto of “Café and Kareem”. Detail: the teenager has no brakes on his tongue, he utters a lot of swear words, while the policeman is quite polite and kind.

1 – “The scoundrels”

One of the best comedies Netflix has released in recent years is Brazilian Yes! In ‘The Scoundrels’, Marcus Majella and Samantha Schmütz live two brothers – him, a forger smuggler, she, a worker who has lost all her savings. Together, they’ll look for an honest way to get back on their feet, but perhaps the hardest part is spending these days together.

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