10 cute and fun movies to watch on Netflix

It’s been a tough week, hasn’t it? Tickets don’t close, traffic gets worse and news around the world… doesn’t even speak! At least the weekend has arrived and you can put all that aside and rest your little head with these 10 reliefs that we have specially reserved for you so that you can enjoy your weekend serenely on Netflix.

10 – “Yes Day”

If you are going to spend a family day out with the kids, then this is the perfect movie to have fun on the couch, as it tells the story of a family that couldn’t have a lot of fun, until ‘they decide together to celebrate a’ Yes ​​Day ‘: a day when parents would make all the wishes of their children, without complaining.

9 – ‘Love with a scheduled date’

A cute love story that takes place at Christmas doesn’t just need to be seen at the end of the year, right? And ‘Amor com A Date Marcada’ is a light and humorous novel that takes place over a year in the life of the protagonists, so it adapts well to any time of the year.

8 – “Jurassic World: Jurassic Camp”

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Although it sounds childish, ‘Jurassic Camp’ is an anime series for all ages and takes place entirely within the universe of the ‘Jurassic Park’ franchise. If you’re looking to escape reality and head to Isla Nublar to hang out with the dinosaurs, this is a great series to marathon all weekend. There are three seasons that go by!

7 – “Head space – Guided meditation”

For those looking to slow down and relax, “Headspace – Guided Meditation” is the right option. The short episodes aim to make you breathe easier and, as a result, relax and sleep better. As the episodes progress, you tend to improve your quality of life. If you like it, there’s also the ‘Headspace: A Guide to Sleep Better’ option, focused on those who can’t turn their heads while at rest.

6 – ‘Street Food: Latin America’

Do you want to have the feeling of traveling without leaving your home? This series takes you through the best culinary delicacies offered by street vendors and shops in some of the main cities of Latin America. In addition to the feeling of having traveled, it also inspires you to train in the kitchen or to diversify your delivery orders. If you like it there is also ‘Street Food: Asia’

5 – “For all the boys”

Romance of young love to warm the heart and transport you to the time of first love. This is the ‘For All Boys’ trilogy, which manages to completely immerse the viewer in the story and hope for the happy ending of Lara Jean.

4 – ‘Lupine’

Based on the work of Maurice Leblanc, the two seasons recount the adventures of the thief Arsène Lupine. The build of the series is so nimble, and Lupine is such a charismatic guy that you can’t stop watching until you reach the end. This is a great option to dive for a weekend and not watch the time go by.

3 – ‘The Great Fight’

Another great option for those who are going to spend the rest with the family. ‘A Grande Luta’ tells the story of a boy who finds an old Mexican MMA fighter mask, but this mask gives him magical powers and as a result he ends up entering a competition.

2 – ‘Generation 30 and little’

For young adults between 30 and 40, this is a totally nostalgic series. Against the backdrop of the romance of a bachelor looking for a woman to fall in love with, we are invited to the mid-90s, to an innocent pre-internet era, to an Italian seaside town with summer flavors.

1 – ‘City of Ice’

A fairy-tale-like Russian historical novel, mixing ‘Romeo and Juliet’ with ‘Titanic’, in a beautiful and icy setting full of action scenes. One of the best films to transport you to another universe and make you forget everything.

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