10 films about pandemic and deadly viruses

Life imitates art and vice versa. The new global epidemic terror is called the Coronavirus.

In cinema, countless productions have portrayed the contamination of deadly viruses and the struggle for their cure. Whether it’s real illnesses, simulations or totally fictional ones – like zombie viruses – the theme has already been the subject of works of varying levels of quality and success. Thinking about it, while no production on Coronavirus is created, and to better know and understand a problem of this dimension, CinePOP has separated for you a few films that tackle the theme. Come and see.

Contagion (2011)

Very realistically, director Steven Soderbergh portrays a deadly epidemic that is spreading across the United States and around the world. Who brings the virus to the country is the character of Gwyneth Paltrow (she could only!), And a veritable constellation of names like Matt Damon, Jude Law, Marion Cotillard, Kate Winslet and Laurence Fishburne scroll across the screen. Contagion returned to the top 10 films at ITune due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Epidemic (1994)

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Dating back to the 1990s, the fear was caused by the Ebola virus, which originated in Africa and was transmitted by air. In the film, the epidemic spreads to California caused by a monkey. The lead role of a military scientist was intended for an action hero type in the form of Harrison Ford, but it ended with little man Dustin Hoffman, which gave the character more credibility. Closing of the main cast, Rene Russo, Morgan Freeman and Kevin Spacey.

The extermination army (1973)

After creating his masterpiece Night of the Living Dead (1968), but before the other two parts of the trilogy, Cult and Desire George A. Romero released another film with a similar theme. This time it wasn’t the dead who came back to life, but an artificial virus was spiraling out of control in a small town in Pennsylvania. The symptoms: its carriers go mad, extremely violent and murderous. The feature was redone in 2010, with the title The Epidemic.

Extermination (2002)

Speaking of the Father of Zombies, this feature has reinvented the subgenre, making it look surprisingly realistic. Cillian Murphy sees the protagonist, a guy who wakes up in a hospital bed, to discover a devastated London after a pandemic. The desert city scenes are awe-inspiring and the camera director Danny Boyle uses is almost documentary. The few survivors are hiding from the infected: rabies at maximum power.

The 12 monkeys (1995)

It’s a different proposition in the genre. The story takes place in the future, dealing with the consequences of a human-made virus that devastated humanity. As a result, the survivors live hidden underground and with limited resources. As a solution to reverse this situation, travel back in time, a time before the cataclysm, with the mission and prevent it from coming into play. For this, a prisoner is used in search of redemption. Bruce Willis plays the protagonist and the cast also includes Madeleine Stowe and an Oscar nominated Brad Pitt for the role. Terry Gillian is directing.

Earth’s Last Hope (1971)

Before I Am the Legend (2007), there was Earth’s last hope. The film is the second film adaptation of Richard Matheson’s short story, after Mortos que Matam (1964). In the plot, Charlton Heston plays a scientist, desperately seeking a cure for a virus that is plaguing the planet. Some infected people have become a sort of conscious, thinking, talking zombies, whose whitish skin is intolerant of daylight. The Family, as they are called, is a kind of fanatic sect, created out of the new world.

Virus (1999)

What if the human race is interpreted as a virus from planet Earth? That’s what understands the threat of this trashy movie based on an underground Dark Horse comic, created by Chuck Pfarrer. In the plot, an alien energy source takes possession of a Russian ship and dominates its machines becoming a kind of artificial intelligence. The smaller boat team, led by Jamie Lee Curtis and Donald Sutherland, crosses their path. Soon the group members are assimilated by the entity, something like The Enigma of Another Mechanical World (1982).

Cooties: the epidemic (2014)

Third movie on the list to use this title (along with the remake of Army of Extermination), here we have a different virus, creating a new focus for the zombie outbreak theme. In an elementary school, children are infected due to the contamination of the food in their lunch, which is served in the cafeteria. Soon the youngsters are angry, eager to devour everything in front of them, and it’s up to the teachers – a group of characters beyond the singular, including a novice played by Elijah Wood – to save the day.

The Enigma of Andromeda (1971)

While the 1950s were the birthplace of science fiction – especially the alien invasion – in the 1970s they took a new step, becoming more complex and generating true classics that are still respected today. This is the case with this film by director Robert Wise (The Rebel Novice and West Side Story), written by Michael Crichton (Westworld and Jurassic Park). In the plot, a city is devastated after a contaminated satellite returns to Earth. In an underground laboratory, scientists study the ever-changing alien life form. The film was nominated for an Oscar in Editing and Artistic Direction, and spawned a miniseries in 2008.

Philadelphia (1993)

One of the most devastating real viruses ever presented to man was AIDS. Terrible in the 1980s, when it first appeared, the disease caused a real epidemic, at a time when there was not much information, because it was the first time everyone faced something. like that. Thousands of people lost their lives, until they discovered a powerful cocktail of drugs capable of incubating the virus. In cinema, one of the most powerful representations is in this film by Jonathan Demme, about a man licensed to be gay and a carrier of the disease, lived by Tom Hanks. For the film, Hanks won his first Oscar and the film also led to the song Streets of Philadelphia, by Bruce Springsteen, in addition to three other nominations. Star Denzel Washington is also part of the cast as the protagonist’s lawyer.

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