10 films and series to celebrate trans visibility day

On January 29, Trans Visibility Day is celebrated, in celebration of the importance, legacy and ongoing struggle for equal rights for the transsexual and transvestite community.

The date was instituted in 2004, with the Travesti e Respect campaign promoted by the Ministry of Health’s national STD / AIDS program – which has since become an annual milestone. Starring stars like Fernanda Benvenutty and Kátia Tapety, this day is a constant reminder of the existence of trans people and the fact that they still do not have the same rights as cisgender people in contemporary society.

As the representativeness of this part of the community has grown steadily on the entertainment scene – with productions that deconstruct stereotypes and bet on real and poignant narratives – it is necessary to comment that the fight is daily. Brazil is the country that kills the most transvestites and transsexuals; In the past eight years alone, 868 people have been murdered (within the limits of what can be counted, given that some of the information is biased, wrong and dishonest).

To keep the memory of leading trans activists alive, CinePOP has separated a short and simple list of ten films and series that reveal and explain the daily obstacles the community faces – and its constant struggle for acceptance and opportunity.

Check out our picks below and tell us which one is your favorite:


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In “Pose,” people experience a lifestyle never seen before in New York history: the rise of luxury culture in the late 1980s. Paradoxically, the part of society who enjoys increased consumption and privileges conflicts with the further decline of the social and literary scene in the city center. Created by Ryan Murphy, the show’s cast has brought together the most trans actresses and actors in history and has carried a gigantic legacy from its spectacular debut.

SENSE8 (2015-2018)

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Where to watch: Netflix

Even after an unfair cancellation, “ Sense8 ” remains one of Netflix’s most beloved original series, for its competent sci-fi narrative and expansive portrayal. Nomi, played by actress Jamie Clayton, is one of the production’s protagonists and one of the best characters of the past decade. Clayton, as a trans woman, also plays an extremely intelligent trans hacker with necessary and thoughtful dialogue about the daily struggle of the community.

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Documentary on the political legacy left by Marsha P. Johnson, American television star and legendary figure in the New York gay ghetto, known to many as the “Rosa Parks of the LGBT world”. Along with Sylvia Rivera, Marsha was responsible for founding Transvestites Action Revolutionaries, a group of trans activists in the country.

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Cartoonist Laerte spent almost 60 years expressing herself and being identified as a man, until she decided to reveal her identity as a transsexual woman. One of Brazil’s most recognized artists, Laerte had three children and lived through three marriages. The feature film portrays the trajectory of the legendary Brazilian artist, experiencing a unique and personal journey of what it is, in fact, to be a woman.


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For decades, transgender people have been stereotypically portrayed in movies and television. The documentary “Revelation” studies the impact of this representation on the trans community. Through the eyes and reports of people like Laverne Cox, Lilly Wachowski, Yance Ford, Jamie Clayton and Chaz Bono, “Revelation” also prompts us to reflect on the changes and advancements that are part of it.


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In ‘A Fantastic Woman’, Marina (Daniela Vega) is a transsexual waitress who spends most of her days looking for a livelihood. Her real dream is to be a successful singer and, for this, she sings at night in several clubs in her city. The problem is, after the unexpected death of Orlando (Francisco Reyes), her boyfriend and best partner, her life takes a total turn.


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Alice is a charismatic trans teenager who invests her time in making videos for Youtube. One day his father, Jean, is transferred by the company from Recife to Araucárias do Sul, and they have to move. At the new school, Alice faces prejudice when faced with a more backward society than she was used to. The girl’s desire is to give her first kiss, but above all she wants the right to be who she is.


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“Euphoria” showcases the extraordinary strength of Zendaya, who even won the Emmy for Best Actress last year. But another actress who steals the show is Jules, played by Hunter Schaffer. The actress plays a young trans who dealt with non-acceptance of the biological body and found herself exploring her sexuality and gender identity as a teenager – in addition to getting involved with other women.

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Lara (Victor Polster) is a fifteen year old girl, her biggest dream is to become a professional dancer and, with the help of her father, she is looking for a new dance school to develop her technique. However, the girl has difficulty adjusting to the movements performed in class due to her bone and muscle structure, since Lara was born inside a boy’s body.

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Jazz Jennings, a teenage boy from South Florida, is believed to be male at birth. At the age of four, Jennings was diagnosed with gender dysphoria in her childhood, making her one of the youngest publicly documented to be identified as gender dysphoric. Her parents, Greg and Jeanette, decided to support their gender identity on their fifth birthday. She has participated in follow-up interviews, started a foundation and co-authored a book called “I Am Jazz”.

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