10 films that failed at the box office… but didn’t deserve it!

You have already realized that this film which we often love does not succeed. Or when we wait for the promised follow-up (if any) and it never happens. This is due to the poor performance of a specific job at the box office.

Positive or negative review can influence the outcome, however, in most cases the success of a movie depends on the audience. While we have to endure the success of productions like Transformers and Twilight, rented movies often watch ships.

Thinking about it, we decided to create a list of ten movies that were less successful than they deserved. See below and say if you agree.

Millenium – Men who didn’t like women


Many still prefer the original Swedish version of adaptations of the works of writer Stieg Larsson. Even they cannot deny that David Fincher’s version is exquisite. Supported by Sony, the production was expensive (but you can see every penny on screen) and brought famous names into the cast, like Daniel Craig.

Enjoy watching:

Newcomer Rooney Mara’s effort to live out protagonist Lisbeth Salander has been so intense that it earned the actress an Oscar nomination. Mara even drilled her real nipples for her nude scenes in the movie. In an interview at the time, he revealed that he still had the piercings for the future.

Millenium did not reach the revenues expected by the studio and even today it suffers from a major embargo, without Sony knowing what to do with the plans for the sequels. One of the reasons for the lack of a return is the genre of the film, a heavy thriller, aimed at a specific segment of the audience and adults.

Budget: $ 90 million.

Revenue: $ 232 million.

Scott Pilgrim vs. the world


One of the coolest and most creative films of recent years, Scott Pilgrim is based on the concept comics by Bryan Lee O’Malley. Talented British director Edgar Wright (from the Cornetto trilogy) uses much of his typical sharp, dry humor, which fits in perfectly with O’Malley’s work.

Precisely for this reason, because it’s a film with a specific type of humor, dialogue and quick previews, Scott Pilgrim let down the mainstream, always used to receiving more of the same. The film below was, for example, Kick-Ass, released the same year (a good film, but much less creative).

Scott Pilgrim has a unique aesthetic and look. It mixes comics, music and video games, that is to say the dream of pop culture consumption. Even though it was hailed by pundits as one of the best popcorn productions of the year, the film went unrecognized by the general public.

Budget: $ 60 million.

Income: $ 47 million.

Ring of fire


Giant robots vs. giant monsters are a tough sell for the general public. Many do not want to see this. However, in this concept, the overproduction of Guillermo del Toro is very well explored and creates good characters in such a world. The script is well explained and the details are meticulous. But there is no escape from the big motto: giant monsters against giant robots. Overproduction is far more satisfying than so many that are in favor of the general public (I won’t name names).

Within that same paradigm, we can incorporate yet another satisfying and unfair overproduction, Godzilla. This, fortunately, has been a public success. The lack of great interest delayed the arrival of the inevitable streak. The film is the dream of children who have watched Japanese series like Jaspion and Changeman.

Budget: $ 190 million.

Revenue: $ 411 million.

The Expendables 3


Okay, Stallone’s third foray into the “joke” wasn’t a critical success. But that didn’t differ much from the outcome of the early films. The content of the third was largely similar to that of the predecessors.

Stallone abides by the same concept, and what’s cool about the films in this series is precisely seeing who they bring back from retirement. In the third, Wesley Snipes, Harrison Ford, Antonio Banderas and Mel Gibson come into play. The rest is wild action, typical of the 1980s.

The real reason for the poor performance was that the film leaked onto the internet just before its theatrical release. It is true that the presentation of a team of young mercenaries did not hold up, and the softer censorship – aimed at a wider audience – was also seen as a cheap blow. What matters is that the old man franchise is still cool and we want to see some new episodes.

Budget: $ 90 million.

Revenue: $ 206 million.



The first film adaptation of the English comics by John Wagner and Carlos Ezquerra was a real bomb (speaking of Stallone). A new attempt to bring the interesting character to the big screen had been planned for years. Finally, she left the role in 2012, with a film that respects the violent essence of the work.

In a dystopian future, Dredd is part of the corporation of law enforcement, which is at the same time judge, jury and executioner. The plot mixes this fictional reality with well-explored characters, bringing it all together in a concept action flick, set entirely in a housing complex filled with criminals. The story takes place in the huge building and the result is a mix of City of God and Operation Invasion, which takes place in the future.

Due to his heavy censorship (drugs and violence), Dredd did not deliver as expected. Now is the old battle between the studio and the fans, who demand more movies from the new Dredd.

Budget: $ 50 million.

Income: $ 35 million.

Jack Ryan – Shadow Operation


Poor Jack Ryan. The character created by novelist Tom Clancy is the least effective secret agent in cinema. Let me explain: his films are the least financially satisfactory in the gallery which features James Bond, Ethan Hunt and Jason Bourne.

It can also be explained that the films starring the CIA agent are more serious and focused on the story, and not so much on the action. Ryan’s films are more like political thrillers than blockbusters themselves. Or rather, they were.

Started with Alec Baldwin on paper (Hunt for Red October), Ryan’s adventures followed with the face of Harrison Ford (Patriotic Games and Real and Immediate Danger). In 2002, a young Ryan was expected as Ben Affleck, but The Sum of All Fears died on the beach. A new reboot was attempted in 2014, with Operation Shadow – and even younger Ryan (Chris Pine), joining the CIA. What seems to work in books doesn’t work in movies. The new Ryan caters even to young audiences and closer to an action movie.

Budget: $ 60 million.

Revenue: $ 135 million.

Power and law


This is another film based on a bestselling book, which has a protagonist that we would like to see on screens again. The Slippery Prison Lawyer (the movie almost had that title in Brazil) Mick Haller has a street rascal, crossing them with his driver in a Lincoln – hence the original title “Lincol Lawyer”.

This is the first in a series of books describing the character’s cases. A first-rate thriller directed by Brad Furman, who marked a turning point in the career of the renewed Matthew McConaughey (the so-called McConassença).

The actor himself (who plays the protagonist) has shown a willingness to return to the character on several occasions, but a new deal seems to be difficult to leave the role.

Budget: $ 40 million.

Income: $ 75 million.

Panic 4


The original 1996 film Panic was a real milestone for horror cinema, helping to restructure the genre, with the addition of a lot of humor and metalanguage. The sequel was quick to appear, just as successful and deemed by many to be superior to the original.

For the third part, a three-year embargo. The actors didn’t want to be stuck with the characters, imagining new tunes for their careers. The loss of momentum made the third film a relative failure. Over ten years later, in an era of late streaks (Tron, Wall Street, Indiana Jones), the fourth episode arrives.

Although initially greeted with some skepticism, Panic 4 turned out to be a good reunion with some old dear friends. More than that, in its early days, the reviewer praised the work. New aspects of satire have been created (which had previously been overlooked because of the weather), especially on the “fame at all costs”, provided by social media. Despite the critical success, audiences did not show up as they should, undermining plans for a fifth episode, which aired on television.

Budget: $ 40 million.

Income: $ 97 million.

The strange Thomas


This is a production unknown to the general public. An obscure film, so to speak, which in Brazil received a direct release in the video market. However, once you give the film a chance, you discover a very effective comedic horror, full of references and clever grip in the dialogue.

Based on the literary series by Dean R. Koontz (a total of six books), the first film adaptation is directed by Stephen Sommers (The Mummy and GI Joe) and stars Anton Yelchin as the protagonist. There is still a strong emotional content here, totally unexpected, in its outcome.

Gugu Mbatha-Raw and Willem Dafoe are part of the cast, but the one that stands out is Addison Timlin, as the protagonist’s girlfriend. Due to legal issues with the production companies, regarding disclosure, the film did not perform as it should. “Odd Thomas” deserved new adventures.

Budget: $ 27 million.

Income: US $ 570,000.

The spectacular Spider-Man 2


Well, let’s go. The new Spider-Man films directed by the talented Marc Webb are not good. The first left the audience a bit numb, unsure of what to find – most wanted something good out of it. A filmmaker can be forgiven for his first foray into blockbuster cinema.

There was a great sense of possible redemption. When the (highly unusual) cast was announced for a sequel, the information arrived in a refreshing way for moviegoers. Jamie Foxx as Electro, Paul Giamatti as Rino, Dane DeHaan as Harry Osborn, Chris Cooper as Norman Osborn, Felicity Jones as Felicia Hardy (future Black Cat) and Shailene Woodley as Mary Jane (removed from the movie, never to exist).

After the finished film, the result: another disappointment. This on a large scale. In part, the childishness of the new Spider-Man is compared to that of the outrageous Batman & Robin (Electro is one of the most underdeveloped villains in movie history). But then why put this movie on the list, you ask. And the answer, please. Too bad for everyone involved. Too bad for director Webb, who had the plug ripped off without being able to show everything he had to offer. Too bad for the once excited Andrew Garfield, who has already lost his hero position. And the hope of a third film could be good. I think it was really a dream …

Budget: $ 200 million.

Revenue: $ 708 million.

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