10 great films in the great Paramount + catalog!

Launched more recently than the other Streamings on the market, Paramount + brings a very interesting catalog when you think of films and series. Great film successes, ultra confirmed artists are in this streaming which has everything to grow even more with the next releases. Here are 10 suggestions:

My father

How to overcome what for oneself is insurmountable? Nominated for six Oscars in 2021, My Father is sort of a guessing game in a maze of situations. A constant emotional back and forth, from ecstasy to bitterness. An eccentric, opera-loving retired engineer in a London apartment with a puzzle to solve, a single-player game, even with characters appearing all the time, spends his days fairly alone. Our eyes are Anthony, we discover where each piece articulates with him. An exquisite script where we can’t take our eyes off the screen. Masterful play by Anthony Hopkins. Screenplay and production signed by French filmmaker Florian Zeller, his first feature film as a director.

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Cheating (American Hustle)

After hits like O Lado Bom da Vida and O Vencedor, the famous American director David O. Russell decides to innovate by creating a comic atmosphere in a setting set in the 70s. Trapaça is a crazy narrative mix, conceived with foundations in more than one great screenplay, allied with great characters very well executed by most of the Hollywood stars that appear on the scene.

Fruitvale Station: the last stop

In his first feature film, Californian filmmaker Ryan Coogler surprises the film world with powerful, real-life drama that generates outrage and thrills from start to finish. Fruitvale Station: The Last Stop is that type of movie that keeps the viewer from taking their eyes off the big screen. The hard-hitting plot is still a banner against police violence and the lack of security preparedness, which still occurs in many major cities around the world.

Our love

There won’t be a minute that I won’t be with you. Premiered at the Toronto Film Festival last year, the drama Ordinary Love is a meeting of two great actors showing life as it is. An exquisite, ruthless, deep scenario, closer to reality than our hearts can be moved. According to the performances in perfect harmony, Leslie Manville and Liam Neeson, it seems that we see this couple walking on the beach, or running on certain sports enthusiasts of pedestrians. Directed by filmmaking duo Glenn Leyburn and Lisa Barros D’as, Ordinary Love is a devastating story about love, union and loss.

it just happens

After releasing a few titles that never made it to Brazil, the good director Christian Ditter returns to the big screen with a film that had everything to be boring and silly, but with a lot of maturity and character development he becomes one. good films this year that will talk about the art of loving. Simply It Happens, based on Irish bestseller Cecelia Ahern, who also wrote PS Eu Te Amo, promises and is sure to win over audiences.

Spotlight on the secrets revealed

Journalism publishes what someone does not want published. Everything else is advertising. Spotlight – Secrets Revealed is truly hellish footage that shows in detail an investigation by a Boston newspaper into priest abuse in the Catholic Church. With impeccable staging by American filmmaker Tom McCarthy (director of the fabulous O Agente da Estação) and an inspired cast, this feature film emphasizes investigative journalism and the strength that media have in our society. .

super 8


The film, produced by Steven Spielberg, tells the story of a group of boys from a small town who shoot a movie when there is a spectacular accident, which ends up being picked up by the camera they have forgotten. When they return to pick it up, they realize that something is wrong, at the same time the city in which they live is collapsing, with the right to an army in the streets.

A show ball team

Our Argentinian neighbors use animation techniques is something we don’t see every year here in Brazil. Bringing together the love of football that unites the two countries and with characters who resemble former Latino players, Oscar winner Juan José Campanella (The Secret in Your Eyes) joins Gastón Gorali, Roberto Fontanarrosa and Eduardo Sacheri (screenwriter of Les secrets of your eyes) to create an instructive story for moviegoers of all ages.

Captain Phillips

Based on the book Captain’s Duty by Richard Phillips, exceptional British director Paul Greengrass’s feature film (Green Zone) is a great survival adventure with huge social reviews. With a spectacular performance by Tom Hanks and a very dynamic script, the viewer does not even realize that the film is two hours and twenty minutes long. This book is much more than the incredible story of the first American cargo ship hijacked in two hundred years.

reverse loves

The art of discovering oneself happens in the simplest way, in the way of loving. Based on the award-winning book by Alice Munro, Amores Inversos is one of those productions that without much publicity, sometimes even a big surprise for its simplicity, slowly arrives and reaches our hearts. The knowledgeable direction of Liza Johnson, the great Nick Nolte and the wonderful acting of Kristen Wiig put a lot of quality into every sequel, every dialogue, of this incredible film.

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