10 hidden treasures at Disney +

Disney + doesn’t just live on Baby Yoda. After all, we’re talking about the House of Mickey Mouse, with a huge catalog of movies, series, animations, and specials that date back to the 1920s. With such a wide range of productions, it’s easy to get lost among the show reruns. favorites and endless adventures of Mickey and his friends.

But Disney + is more than that. Now is the time to open the trunk of the most famous mouse in the world and find these hidden treasures by collecting dust in a dark corner and presenting them to new generations. Therefore, CinePOP has listed 10 Gems You Should Know! Come with us!

Launched in 1991, The Rocketeer Adventures tells the story of Cliff Secord, a pilot who ends up finding the secret prototype of a jet pack and assuming the identity of a superhero who needs to defend his discovery from villains who want to use the pack to take over the world.

The black hole

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The 1979 science fiction tells the story of the Palomino spacecraft and its crew, who on a mission discover another spacecraft, which disappeared 20 years ago and with a captain who dreams of traveling through a black hole.


This 1984 short, directed by Tim Burton, is a comedy that pays homage to Mary Shelley’s classic Frankenstein. Subsequently, it spawned the 2012 remake. The story follows a boy, Victor, who decides to resurrect his puppy, Sparky.

If my bed could fly

This children’s classic tells the story of three children who were kicked out of the City of London during World War II. They end up living with an apprentice witch and use a flying bed to find an item that can end the war. The long live-action mixes with animation and has Angela Lansbury in the cast.

The legend of the magical dwarves

Darby O’Gill loves to tell stories. So much so that no one believes it. Until the day he falls into a well, he finds himself in the fantasy realm inhabited by magical creatures who grant him three requests. The problem is, no one believes Darby when he tells his friends what happened.

The ghost of Blackbeard

1968 adventure comedy, tells the story of a sports trainer who inherits the ghost of the pirate Blackbeard, and discovers that the only way to get rid of the curse is to do good deeds.

The mystery of the diggers

With Shia LaBeouf in the cast, this 2003 feature film follows Stanley, unfairly sent to a detention camp and forced to dig a hole all day. What he and his colleagues don’t know is that they are looking for a hidden treasure in this place.

The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Frog

A film divided into two parts, this children’s classic adapts two stories from American literature into an adventure format. In one, the audience follows the adventures of Mr. Sap, full of his quirks, while in the other, Ichabod Crane, from the legend of the Headless Horseman, tries to conquer his beloved by fighting his enemy, Brom Bones.

The cat from outer space

Goose, are you? Alien spaceship crashes to Earth with a cat-like crew member, and an eccentric physicist, his girlfriend, and another player decide to help the creature fix his vehicle before the US military reaches it.

Howard – Sounds of a Genius

This documentary tells the story of one of the great secrets of Disney animations. Howard Ashman died of AIDS in 1991, but before that he lent his talent to classics like Beauty and the Beast and The Little Mermaid, being essential to the signing of the Disney Princesses we know today. The composer and playwright has worked directly with Alan Menken, and his story promises to delight any fan of Disney productions.

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