10 Netflix Movies That Are Not Worth Your Precious Time

In recent months, the consumption of films and series on streaming platforms has increased. But that doesn’t mean we want to consume anything, right?

We want good movies that will hold us back, no matter the genre. However, there are a lot of movies that are worse than washing a bag of rice, so we at CinePOP have listed 10 Netflix movies here that are not worth your time.

10 – strangers at home

The Franco-Belgian feature was released on Netflix in April, but only the Portuguese title is legal. Under the pretext of being a thriller, director Olivier Abbou portrayed male insecurities through the character of Paul (Adama Niane), who must reclaim his home after leaving it in the care of the family nanny, who, at in turn, took over the property. Instead of suspense, we seek the self-esteem of the protagonist.

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9 – A missing body

The Indian thriller is one of those examples that we can’t get past even the first ten minutes of screening. It starts with an investigator called in to question a morgue night watchman, who claims a woman’s body came out in the middle of the night and is afraid of the dead – since he works in the morgue!

8 – Mystery in the Mediterranean

You can’t make such a list without including an Adam Sandler movie, right? “Mystery in the Mediterranean” is a very forced comedy-thriller, which does not support its proposal. Only there is a strong cast, with Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston, and everyone watched, so the sequel is already confirmed, so here’s the Forced Movie Part 2.

7 – Eli

The trailer for this horror movie is better than its one hour thirty eight minute duration. Eli is a boy who has one of these incurable diseases and therefore needs to be isolated in a bubble, until his parents decide to subject him to a home experiment in a cursed mansion with an uncertified healer. . It is.

6 – Dangerous lies

Another suspense that abuses the suspension of belief. Released at the end of April, the feature film tells the story of a couple on the verge of bankruptcy, but then Katie (Camila Mendes) receives the generous inheritance from a wealthy elderly man she has taken care of, then all the problems start. Have …

5 – The silence of the swamp

Almost everyone who has watched “The Silence of the Marsh” only did so because of the Berlin of “La Casa de Papel”, played by Pedro Alonso. But the truth is, even Berlin didn’t save the film, not least because Pedro Alonso spends a good part of the film saying nothing and just making faces. I eh.

4 – Rebel Notes

Although the main cast is made up entirely of black actors (which is an extremely positive point) the drama “ Notes of Rebellion ” doesn’t even fit its title, after all said rebellion doesn’t reveal itself as such. . The film ends as it begins, without presenting any great learning to the protagonist.

3 – The Demonic Mark

This Mexican terror is so bad, but so bad, that the spectator can only laugh at what he sees. Despite this, the intention of the film is to take itself seriously, and for this reason, it becomes a feature film that is not worth the investment of your time. It looks like a soap opera.

2 – Sierra Burgess is a loser

Although he has an actress from the cast of ‘Stranger Things’, the film begins with a proposal and does not go with the deal. In an attempt to empower herself, Sierra (Shannon Purser) cheats on people, and in the end, that’s why.

1 – rattlesnake

The only good thing about this Netflix thriller is that it was on a low budget, and therefore its making is a victory. Katrina (Carmen Ejogo) is a woman traveling in a car with her daughter when, at a stop in the middle of the road, her daughter is bitten by the rattlesnake. To save her, Katrina must kill someone whose life is deplorable. Anyway …

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