10 original Netflix series considered to be a failure

Netflix is ​​producing original content at a breakneck pace. And in this immense vastness, a lot of good things usually win over users, but all is not always flowers.

Among the previews and expected novelties, some series end up displeasing the public, not meeting the expectations offered. In other cases, they even gain a valuable fan base, but the high production costs do not support their permanence.

And just to let you know what went wrong on Netflix, we’ve separated a friendly list of 10 original series that failed – either due to lack of ratings or high spending. Check out!

Kathy Bates is one of Hollywood’s most acclaimed actresses, has an extensive program, which even includes the famous horror series, American Horror Story. However, the comedy Disjointed was not so lucky and was canceled after just one season.

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Created by David Javerbaum and Chuck Lorre – the same responsible for The Big Bang Theory and Two and a Half Men, the series portrays the work environment where marijuana is the fundamental raw material traded.

23% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes

Netflix surprised users by launching the Daredevil hero series. Naturally, the fans’ expectation of other Os Defensores group productions accompanied the excitement over the fearless man Charlie Cox experienced, however the streaming platform was unable to maintain the same level in Iron Fist, who was voted by fans the worst of the four (which includes Luke Cage and Jessica Jones).

With a charismatic little character, poorly choreographed fight scenes and boring episodes, Netflix ended up choosing to cancel the series, shortly after the premiere of its second season.

37% approval on Rotten Tomatoes

The historic “Marco Polo” series won a loyal following, although its first season was a failure among specialist critics. Renewed for a second cycle, the production could not support the large budget required by many external outlets and ended up being canceled.

62% approval on Rotten Tomatoes

To call Sense8 a failure is probably a huge inconsistency! The production quickly captured a wave of passionate loyal fans, became a fever with a specific audience, received dozens of positive reviews, and seemed to have a long life ahead of it. Until Netflix stops this frantic escalation and announces its sudden cancellation.

Leaving the story incomplete and ending the series with a movie, reluctantly to fans, Sense8 only had two seasons and had a shattering impact that – apparently – wasn’t as recognized by Netflix.

85% approval on Rotten Tomatoes

Created by Baz Luhrmann, The Get Down had a swing, a spectacular original soundtrack, compelling art direction, an intriguing screenplay, and real historical backgrounds mixed with ’70s New York with a fictional plot. And it is precisely because of its expense – considered exorbitant – with all this production that Netflix has decided to cancel it.

While The Get Down had an audience, that wasn’t enough to justify the continuation of the series, which was canceled shortly after the first part of season two aired.

81% approval on Rotten Tomatoes

The haters retreat

It all started on Youtube. Irritating Miranda Sings, a character created by blogger Colleen Ballinger, has had surprising success with her comments, strong personality and manner of speaking, to the point of securing her own TV series on Netflix.

However, Youtube’s success did not migrate to the same extent for streaming, nor did it win over other fans, causing the series to be canceled after two seasons.

47% approval on Rotten Tomatoes

Girlboss had everything to succeed: a dynamic plot, a real backdrop and several references to POP culture of the 2000s. But the construction of the protagonist made it difficult to retain the audience, who had a hard time identifying themselves. to Sophia (Britt Robertson), who besides being irritating, was very hostile.

In the end, the owner of the true story, Sophia Amoruso, fell out with Netflix over poor character construction and the project was canceled shortly after the first season premiered, with no second chance.

37% approval on Rotten Tomatoes

Chelsea Handler has always worked with talk shows, but her latest, directed by Netflix, did not survive longer than the success of Chelsea Lately, which has seen seven seasons. With just two cycles, the comedian’s variety show hasn’t won over streaming fans who haven’t followed her work in the past.

38% approval on Rotten Tomatoes

Although Luke Cage’s first season received mixed reviews from fans, the production got good reviews from expert reviews and was able to consolidate on Netflix.

Your second cycle may not have lived up to expectations, but its cancellation was still a surprise to everyone. Even a petition to save the series has been made by a fan and it already has over five thousand signatures!

88% approval on Rotten Tomatoes

The drama series Gypsy has made actress Naomi Watts its flagship, hoping to attract moviegoers. But the lengthy plot and grueling, wordy episodes did not support the actress’s hiring, and the production ended up being canceled by Netflix after just one season.

38% approval on Rotten Tomatoes

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