10 recent films by Nicolas Cage (that no one has watched …)

Cage. Nicolas Cage. Reason for debauchery for the current generation due to eccentric performance and film choices, veteran Nicolas Cage has a long career, dating back to the early 1980s and even an Oscar statuette for best actor – yes, trust me, boyfriends. – to film Farewell to Las Vegas (1995).

Born Nicolas Coppola, nephew of famous filmmaker Francis Ford Coppola, and cousin of Sofia, Nic decided that his career would be deserved, and so he stepped away from any advantage that the famous surname could offer him, at least in front of the cameras. So he chose the surname of a comic book hero (the actor is an aficionado), Luke Cage, and a legend emerged. But for those who think the bizarre is now, they need to better study the star’s filmography and get to know works such as Arizona Never Again (1987), Feitiço da Lua (1987), Um Estremo Vampiro (1988) and Coração. Selvagem (1990).

It’s also worth mentioning that after the Oscar Cage became a star, starring in some of the most praised and top-grossing blockbusters of the era, see A Rocha (1996), The Other Face (1997) and Con Air – A Rota da Fuga (1997). Additionally, the actor was yet to be nominated for an Oscar, for Adaptation (2002) – another film his fans should be looking for. The iconic actor-character turned 54 yesterday, January 8, and to honor this great figure – hoping and hoping for a turning point in his career (which may never happen), we’ve decided to list them for you. 10 recent films by Nicolas Cage, released on video in Brazil (and some that haven’t even arrived yet), that you might not know about. So write it down, tell us which ones you saw and what you found.

Written and directed by Paul Schrader (screenwriter for Taxi Driver and Indomitable Bull) – who would return to direct Cage in Wild Dogs (2016) – the dramatic suspense brings the gray-haired actor as a CIA agent tortured by terrorists , which causes him a terrible illness, deciding to attack his captors. In the cast, the late Anton Yelchin, who died very young, and the French Irène Jacob.

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After a Gray Cage, he appears with his hair dyed black to live for a US Senator, fighting an environmental crime – based on the real accident of the great oil spill (the same one featured in the movie Profound Horizon, starring Mark Wahlbeg ) in the Gulf of Mexico, United States. Idealist, his image ends up being marred by a sexual scandal. In the cast of the film written and directed by Austin Stark (producer of Great Healing Feelings), which makes his directorial debut, we have Connie Nielsen (Queen Hippolyta, of Wonder Woman), the wonderful Sarah Paulson and veteran Peter Fonda.

In this new phase of his career, in which he doesn’t even deny a role – there are several jokes about it on the Internet – Cage does everything, including horror movies. Such is the case with this dramatic mystery, in which he plays a pious father who loses his grandson by going out with him one evening for a trick or a Halloween treatment. Based on Tim Lebbon’s book, the film is directed by prestigious German filmmaker Uli Edel, from such works as Me, Christine F., 13, Drugged and Prostituted (1981), Violent Nights in Brooklyn (1989) and The Baader Meinhof Group (2008). In the cast, Sarah Wayne Callies (Lori Grimes from The Walking Dead) plays his wife.

Surely you’ve seen the poster for this movie in the meme that simulates the new version of Super Mario Bros., edited in Photoshop. All because here Cage wears a mustache in the skin of a policeman who decides to steal a mysterious safe from criminals, next to his partner, inhabited by Elijah Wood (the Frodo of the Lord of the Rings). The film is written and directed by brothers Benjamin and Alex Brewer. Another draw, the presence of the legendary comedian Jerry Lewis (deceased last year), in the role of the father of the character of Cage.

You can see Cage has been doing it all lately. Well, what hasn’t been on the list yet? How about a war drama. I accept. Directed by actor and filmmaker Mario Van Peebles, son of iconic director Melvin Van Peebles, who has at least one masterpiece in his program, precisely the tribute he paid to his father in The Return of Sweetback ( 2003). In the plot, during World War II, a US Navy battleship is sunk by a Japanese submarine, leaving 300 men at sea, adrift in shark infested waters. In the cast, besides Cage, who lives the captain, we have Tom Sizemore and Thomas Janes, actors of the Hollywood C team with great pride.

Some of the ideas in these movies seem like they came straight out of the wildest dreams, or maybe nightmares. Picture this: bearded Nicolas Cage, sitting on a donkey, going on a mission to eliminate Osama Bin Laden. Well, wake up now, and you have Army of One. Worst of all, it’s based on a true story, which makes the film a biography. At least it doesn’t take itself seriously and it’s a comedy at the same time. Ah, there is more. His mission is given through an encounter with God, yes, himself, personified here by the British comedian Russell Brand, whose star has also fallen. The screenplay is by Rajiv Joseph (from the Nurse Jackie series) and Scott Rothman (from the great The Great Choice, with Kevin Costner), and the production is by Larry Charles (producer of the comedy Seinfeld).

Maybe no other movie on the list will bring a Cage as crazy as here. You may have seen the actor personified as mobster Eddie King (yes, there he is the villain), with his hair reminiscent of Anton Chigurh (Javier Bardem) from Where the Weaknesses Don’t Have Time (2007), and a prosthetic nasal. The image is disturbing, but as if that weren’t enough, we still have Cage caught in the extreme doidera that permeated his early career – think A Strange Vampire. In the plot, JP (Adrian Grenier) has to help his older brother, now a drug dealer, the role of Johnathon Schaech, get out of debt with a gangster – the role of Cage. In the movie, we also have the presence of another actor at the bottom, John Cusack, playing a policeman. The film is directed by Steven C. Miller, from the upcoming Escape Route 2, starring Sylvester Stallone.

At the time of the fight against abuse against women, comes the new film by Nicolas Cage, whose theme is exactly this. A young mother goes out at night to party on the beach with her young daughter and is attacked by men who rape her and let her die. Mixture of Accused (1988) and Tempo de Matar (1996), those responsible are arrested by the detective inhabited by Cage and cleared by justice. Outraged by the situation, and knowing the guilt of the outcasts, the protagonist decides to act on his own. The film stars Don Johnson (Miami Vice series veteran) as the despicable lawyer who frees criminals, and Deborah Kara Unger (Crash). A Story of Vengeance is based on the book by author Joyce Carol Oates, and directed by Johnny Martin, of Hangman, a horrified new film by Al Pacino.

Well, Cage has played almost all types of roles in this new phase of life, but here in this A Mão clone that Balanca o Crço (1992) the kitten’s lack of crown beguiled is made up for. In the film, he saw a happy family man married to the character of Gina Gershon (Showgirls). Until the arrival of the new nanny, old enough to be his daughter, role of Nicky Whelan – with whom Cage had previously shared the screen in O Apocalipse (2014). The psychotic young woman won’t be resting until she takes on Gershon’s character’s family, including her husband Cage. Aaaah, Cage, you’re dumb. The cast also has veteran Faye Dunaway. The management is by rookie Jonathan Baker.

What about science fiction now? We know Cage is good with them, just watch O Vidente (2007). Only no. Here the story takes place in 2030, where in a dystopian future, the world is in a permanent state of economic resection. In addition, environmental problems have also reached their peak due to global warming. They see friends who say Nicolas Cage isn’t synonymous with global criticism either. Here, he plays alongside young Sarah Lind. The film is directed by Rob W. King, whoever he is.

Written and directed by the great Brian Taylor (Adrenaline & Adrenaline 2), this different horror film stars Cage and Selma Blair (Second Intentions) as the devoted parents of a teenage couple. During an unexplained epidemic, moms and dads are gripped by mass hysteria that prompts them to act extremely violently towards their children. Mom and Dad was part of this year’s Toronto Film Festival collection. Our collaborator Letícia Alassë managed to watch the film and guarantees, it’s really fun. The review is coming out soon.

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