10 series and movies for those who loved ‘Lupine’

Have you marathon all the episodes of “Lupine” at once and now you feel orphaned because it will be a long time before the second part of the French series debuts? So watch these series and films here with the same imprint as the adventures of Arsène Lupine:

10 – “ Murder on the Orient Express ” (FX)

The new take on the Agatha Christie classic aims to usher in a new series of adaptations inspired by the detective novels and investigative books of the Mystery Queen. In it, as the title itself announces, a murder takes place inside a train, and all passengers are guilty until proven guilty.

9 – “ Between knives and secrets ” (Amazon Prime)

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Blending mystery and comedy, the late 2019 sensation film has a very detective imprint, and the viewer, along with the characters, must eliminate the suspects in an attempt to solve a curious crime in which everyone seems to have very selfish motives.

8 – “Why do women kill?” (Globoplay)

Re-launching the platform, the ten-episode series follows three women who live in the same house, at different times, and how their lives are linked to infidelity, mystery and murder.

7 – ‘Police Romance – Espinosa’ (GNT)

Starring the late Domingos Montagner and inspired by writer Luiz Alfredo Garcia-Roza’s police book series, the series accompanies Delegate Espinosa in the investigation into the crimes that took place in the dizzying Copacabana neighborhood of Rio de Janeiro. .

6 – “Bosch” (Amazon Prime)

The series has six seasons already, but it’s worth it if you want to see a good detective story, drenched in suspense and twists, starring a brucutu but family-loving cop who tries at all costs to keep his nature. despite the sin of Los Angeles test your limits everyday.

5 – ‘True Detective’ (HBO)

This is a series of three seasons, but each season has its own story, so you can see each of them in isolation – although all three are good. The plot has more or less the same format: a police officer (or a couple) attempts to solve an unsolved crime that in some way forever affects their personal life and the city in which they live.

4 – “ Power and the law ” (Amazon Prime)

Adapted from one of Michael Connelly’s best books, the eponymous film stars Matthew McConaughey as a prison attorney who has made a career defending both sides of Los Angeles criminal life, through day when the story of so much begging arrives. .

3 – ‘Millenium: the man who didn’t like women’ (Netflix)

Based on Stieg Larrson’s bestseller, the first film in the trilogy is pure police investigation, conspiracy theory and suspense. Starring Daniel Craig and Rooney Mara, the film lived up to the Swedish writer’s thriller.

2 – “ The train girl ” (Fox Life)

Inspired by the book of the same name by Paula Hawkins and starring Emily Blunt, through the perspective of protagonist Rachel, we see how she fantasizes about the life of a perfect couple who lives in the house of her dreams, that goes on. his train every day. One day, she witnesses a scene that calls her into doubt and thus begins her own investigation.

1 – “ Hello, Veronica ” (Netflix)

The best Brazilian detective series of recent times and winner of several awards is directed by Registrar Verônica (Tainá Müller), who goes against the bureaucracy of the DP and investigates the suicide of a young woman, which triggers a much heavier network of violence. .

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