10 South Korean productions to watch on Netflix

The world of pop is dominated by drama and South Korean culture. With a blend of traditional stories from the local culture and a modern Western imprint, this country’s film productions – along with the music, food and everything that comes from it – is gaining more and more space in the heart. young people. So we’ve separated 10 must-see South Korean productions to watch on Netflix.

10 – The host

If you liked the Oscar winner, “Parasita” then you must watch this “The Host”. Not only because the biological principle of the title is the same, but because both films are directed by Bong Joon-Ho and with Song Kang-ho. In addition, of course, bring monsters, threats and a good dramatic background.

9 – there is nothing wrong with not being normal

If it’s dramatic cuteness you’re looking for, then take the point of view of “ Okay Not Be Normal ”: two (handsome!) Young men who seek to live intensely – him, encouraging him to be a better person. , she, trying to believe him, won’t give up on him. And all of this involving the classics of stories from the world we love, like ‘Romeo and Juliet’, ‘Beauty and the Beast’, etc.

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8 – bet high

While the series has long episodes that are over an hour in length, it’s a keep-in-a-jar drama like this that mixes chance, romance, and technology, starring young people becoming adults, but still looking (and afraid). to experience first love.

7 – Love O2O

Okay, this series is huge (30 episodes of 45 minutes), but it’s like a soap opera: you keep letting it go and following it slowly, you don’t have to marathon. It’s all about romance and virtual games, and little by little reality begins to merge into the game. Whoever wants, also has the movie version, with the same name, available on Netflix.

6 – Zombie invasion

If you are looking for a root zombie horror movie then watch “Zombie Invasion”. The plot is the typical story of survival: people are happy to take a train ride when suddenly a horde of zombies invades the tram, and the mob has to fight to survive inside it. confined space.

5 – Vicenzo

Style, action, violence and mafia. The series tells the story of a South Korean boy who grew up in Italy, where he got involved with mobsters. Now, back in his homeland, he will have to face the dangerous people who are looking for him. It’s that kind of story of handsome and dangerous men, but deep down they’re good people and we fall in love.

4 – Kingdom

This series has two seasons on Netflix with twelve episodes in total. The difference here is that it has a historical imprint, as it deals with an era of feudal South Korea, mixing monarchies, tradition, lots of action, and a supernatural threat.

3 – #Alive

It’s for the strong. “#Alive” is a great movie, but it can provide some triggers, as it is about people who live confined to their homes, trying to survive because there is a great threat outside, so they can’t leave. . The film has a big action mark, but it can trigger real memories.

2 – New spatial order

It is one of the best movies on Netflix, including productions from countries other than South Korea. Mixing “Star Wars” with “Three Spinsters and a Baby”, Jo Sung-hee’s feature film offers comedy, adventure, action, romance, drama… and it really is , really good!

1 – Love alarm

This cute little series only has two seasons, which only have sixteen episodes. She tells the story of Jojo, a young woman who is afraid of falling in love and, faced with the appearance of an app, the ‘Love Alarm’, which announces (or denounces) her feelings to the other person, she decides to put up a shield to protect yourself from what you think of Sun-Oh and Hye-yeong … but that might not be a good idea, after all.

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