10 successes of the 80s that are worth pursuing

Top Gun: Maverick, sequel to the classic Top Gun – Untamed Aces, hits theaters in 2021. The sequel comes 35 years after the original, bringing Tom Cruise, jets, bikes, songs to bars, and volleyball matches. -ball on the beach. In other words, whatever we wanted (there’s only one awesome song like “Take a Breath Away” and overwhelming passion).

More than ever, we’ve received several sequels from 1980s movies, like Indiana Jones and Rambo. And some are even unexpected, see Wall Street, Tron and Blade Runner. Top Gun corresponds to this last article. On the other hand, certain films which marked our childhood remain in limbo, making us dream for more than 30 years for the continuation of their stories.

Thinking about it, CinePOP decided to list some of the most beloved works of the ’80s that have yet to win the sequel (most are even in the planning stages). Come and see.

Beetlejuice for the intimate, it was the first success of the career of Tim Burton and of the film which obtained the direction of Batman (1989). The insane and obscene ghost, personified by Michael Keaton, has become a pop culture icon and even won a cartoon. But no sequence. We’ve been talking about this continuation for some time, with Burton himself in the lead – with a recent Broadway play, the idea has intensified. The project is in the development phase, but we hope that the director will be more inspired, and return to his roots, than he has shown in his last releases.

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Every 80s kid, who grew up watching reruns of this action-fantasy feature film on Globo, dreamed of one day finding out what happened to Jack Burton (Kurt Russell) after he left his truck one night stormy, with a monster appearing on its back. The game was a cliffhanger that would never be continued, baffling an entire generation. The movie that helped shape the game Mortal Kombat, of course, was directed by master John Carpenter.

There is talk of a remake, which would bring Dwayne Johnson in the role of Russell. It might even sound really cool, but what fans really wanted was to see Russell on paper again, along with the original cast, in a very late streak.

Well, Eddie Murphy’s career director had two sequels, we know. And Heavy Cop 3 (1994) was such a failure that it ended the adventures of policeman Axel Foley indefinitely. This is another film in which rumors of a possible continuation almost became an urban legend in Hollywood. A TV series centered on Foley’s son was produced, but soon canceled before the premiere, and ended up becoming a TV movie in 2013, yet unheard of.

Now, it looks like the Fourth Fish Out of Water Adventure will finally be rolling off the diary, having confirmed writers and directors, plus, of course, Murphy returning to the role. It will be interesting to see it introduced in this new social context. Oh yeah, and filmmakers can watch Netflix’s new Shaft (2019) to find out exactly what NOT to do!

Stallone Cobra (1986)

Or simply Cobra, as he’s known around the world, is an action vehicle for star Sylvester Stallone. Cobra was the star’s next film, which was on top of the world, following the back-to-back and absurd successes of Rocky 4 and Rambo 2, both of 1985. Interestingly, Cobra owes its full existence to the element above, Um Tira da Pesada. The film about The Chicago Cop Brought to Beverly Hills was initially thought to have Stallone as the protagonist. The veteran, on the other hand, declined the project, which was initially much more action-oriented.

So, cast for comedy, the film fell into Muprhy’s hands, turning him into a star. Heavy Cop’s storyline, however, has been altered to the point of becoming this much more violent and dark Cobra, gaining cult status among Sly fans. It’s time for the actor to bring tough guy Marion Cobretti out of retirement for a new movie.

It’s another movie on the list that has already had a sequel. However, the one who in 1990 displeased more than satisfied. The gooey creatures of fluffy Mogwai Gizmo remain in the collective subconscious to this day, demonstrating how successful the feature film was in its time. The creatures have appeared everywhere, in appearances ranging from cartoons to television commercials. They just don’t have a new movie. Yes, you have to do it right, think of a story worth telling and at the same time insert the dear characters into the current context – so that it does not look like a work taken from the past and moved in time. .

You have to work hard not to put your feet in your hands and become another franchise that lives with donkeys in the water, see Alien and Terminator. These need some time to reconfigure. Well, it looks like Gremlins 3 is coming out of the role soon, with Chris Columbus (the original screenwriter) and Steven Spielberg in production. It goes without saying that we want appearances from Zach Galligan and Phoebe Cates, the original protagonist couple.

Of all the items on the list, this is the one that fans wanted to take off the most and one of the toughest. Many even claim that they don’t know how the film actually turned out and that it took several deals between those in charge of the rights of great characters, such as Disney, Warner and others such as Pica-Pau, whose the right belongs to Universal. These days, it would be like Marvel and DC come together to make a movie and add more characters from other companies, see Hellboy or Judge Dredd.

Did you think how difficult it would be for everyone to agree on a proposal that was good enough for all parties? Mega director and businessman Steven Spielberg, producer of the feature film, achieved the great feat of uniting Mickey and his gang with Bugs Bunny and his gang, as well as several other properties (such as Betty Boop, the Droopy puppy and the aforementioned Pica-Pau). Well it seems difficult, but not impossible, the magic is about to happen again. Directed again by Spielberg and Robert Zemeckis (director of the original), the sequel is slated for 2020.

On the list, the big ’80s movies everyone wanted to see carry on for the most special decade of all will apparently win their long-awaited sequels. Goonies, one of the most beloved movies for fans, has long promised a sequel. Each year, at each meeting, the public calls for a new adventure. Director Richard Donner wants it and said he was going to joke. Director Spielberg is not opposed either. The most famous of the team, Josh Brolin, is more than inside.

What is missing then? A good scenario? Goonies are about being a kid and going on adventures. So the story has to go to the kids of the original cast and in order to do that, they have to put together a new team of kids – while, who knows, the adults find themselves in their own trouble. We’ll see if this is the path they take, but we’ve already announced the rest of the feature. It remains to be seen if that will really leave the paper behind.

Another sequel is announced. Conan the Barbarian (1982) is Arnold Schwarzenegger’s first major feature film. Based on the Robert E. Howard comics, its more subdued tone and deliberately slow pacing took fans away from the original material somewhat. So, two years later, in 1984, Conan the Destroyer moved closer to the comic book vibe and offered a film full of action, adventure and fantasy. Weighing in the scales today, the former has more prestige despite the pace and the latter has aged like the typical player of the 1980s, that is, he is much more fun.

The following year, there was an attempt to join Conan with another creation by Howard, the warrior Red Sonja in Warriors of Fire (1985). The problem? Since the rights to Conan were with another studio that didn’t release him, the solution was to get Arnold qualified as a character, but with the name Kalidor (it would be easier to call him “Konan”). In 2011, a remake of the original starring Jason Momoa died on the beach. Now Arnold himself is planning The Legend of Conan. What will the character look like in old age?

Eddie Murphy’s second film on the list. Perhaps many young people today don’t know it, but in the 1980s Murphy was not only the world’s most popular comedian, but also one of its biggest stars. The guy had a real “drool” for his films, all of them blockbuster hits. In addition to dominating theaters, Murphy represented African American culture in a time when there was no representation today. In other words, it goes without saying that the actor was extremely important, among other things, for the cultural and social issue of mainstream Hollywood cinema.

The Brilliant Prince in New York was one of his greatest hits of the time and he said that an African prince came to the United States to find a woman he could truly love. Behind the scenes, Murphy played and played several characters, including a white barber. In 2020, the long-awaited sequel will premiere and the story will show Prince Akeen discovering that he has a son in the United States, therefore having to return to the country to meet him.

Hitchhiking on the success of Indiana Jones and The Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981), this film was just one of those who saw the potential of the morning adventure genre and tried to make a story in it. Same direction. Among the “imitators” he was the most successful. With a great time like Robert Zemeckis in the directing and Michael Douglas, Kathleen Turner and Danny DeVito in the cast, Everything for an Esmeralda turned out to be a box office winner and took the diary away from a year sequel. next: The Jewel of the Nile (1985).

Despite the success of this second film as well, the idea died out (perhaps the protagonists were interested in following different paths). In 1989, the cast reunited for The War of Roses, a new feature film together, but unrelated to the series. Seeing them at this point in the championship may not work out so well, but it’s worth remembering that Douglas continues to ‘kick ass’ as Hank Pym, in the Marvel Ant-Man movies. In other words, if Harrison Ford can, why not?

Ferris Bueller is a flawless icon. The class killer, played by Matthew Broderick, was so successful that he is still cited today, a benchmark in productions like Deadpool (2016). He and the film are rooted in pop culture and to this day remain the John Hughes film that everyone saw, loved and cited. What not many people know is that while it didn’t spawn a sequel, the film derived a series, which premiered four years later, in 1990, and only lasted a season of 13 episodes.

Well, none of the original cast returned and Ferris was played by Charlie Schlatter. The curiosity here is that in the role of her sister Jeannie, we had no one other than Jennifer Aniston, who four years later would be immortalized as Rachel in the Friends series. The message here is to never give up.

Getting back to the topic, we know that with some classics it doesn’t budge, but wouldn’t it be cool to see adult Ferris (along with the return of Broderick), married to Sloane (Mia Sara), take care of of his children and lead an intelligent duel with them? After all, as smart as today’s kids are, cunningly defeating Ferris Bueller is no easy task. Oh yes, the film is expected to be attended by Alan Ruck as Cameron’s best friend and Jennifer Gray as a sister. It would be cathartic. I just think.

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