10 titles to avoid on Disney +

Okay, everyone already knows that Disney + is super proud to have invented Baby Yoda, the good repercussion of Pixar’s special shorts and, of course, Hamilton and Black Is King. We understand that Mickey Mouse is a specialist, but everyone has these skeletons in the back of the closet, and of course, when it comes to a conglomerate the size of Disney, the story would be no different.

While the Brazilian streaming catalog is still good, let’s say … modest, we have separated 10 productions that fall between “bad” and “very strange” that are best avoided. Who’s warning the friend, you see?

Truth be told, this movie isn’t offensive, but the type of production isn’t enough to change yours either. It’s a silly, unpretentious film that doesn’t add anything innovative, that lacks so much authenticity that it’s hard to stop the viewer. So, that wouldn’t exactly be the best choice in the Disney + catalog. Even Scarlett Johansson doesn’t save.

The Nutcracker and the Four Realms

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If you don’t even remember that movie existed, don’t worry – Disney would probably like to forget about it, too. The film had a budget of US $ 133 million, not including marketing costs. With a total fundraising of $ 174 million, the film was a loss for Disney and a bitter 32% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes, and a critical consensus calls it an empty and forgettable spectacle.

Prince of Persia

This hardly needs to be presented. With Jake Gyllenhaal as Prince Dastan of Persia, the film already starts badly with this bleaching. From there, things only get worse: what was supposed to be the start of a franchise died on the beach with low critical approval due to little substance and lack of creativity.

They Forgot About Me 3 is the kind of dreary “sequence that isn’t a sequence” that you wish you didn’t know exists. Despite the production and script by John Hughes, the film without Chris Columbus, Macaulay Culkin, or composer John Williams failed to captivate audiences like the original and was even nominated for the Golden Raspberry.

You might even like one or the other of this wave of live-action adaptations of the Disney classics, but there’s no denying that between one or the other with a positive result, you end up being suffocate in a wave of films without creativity or spirit that serve us best. take up space in cinematographic complexes more than anything else. This is the case with the live-action Dumbo, which even tries to update one or the other of the original animation, but has an uninspired and fairly forgettable result.

The Fantastic Four

Ah, the Fantastic Four tragedy directed by Josh Trank. The film sank with a poor reception from critics, with rumors of the director’s bad behavior on set, and ultimately a result that didn’t even look like a real movie. It is terrible. If you’ve seen the trailer, you’ve seen the movie. No need to torture yourself, no. Really.

Robinson Citadel

You might not even be thinking about this movie right now, but given the inflation readjustments, Swiss Family Robinson is one of the best collections in American theaters. The film itself is pretty harmless, with a premise known even to those who have never seen it (the family gets lost in the sea and needs to cope with life’s obstacles, a la Perdidos no Espaço) , but it has a colonizing message when the family “colonizes” an island and the image that is conveyed is that of a well-meaning and innocent family. The idea of ​​siding with the colonizer may not have been considered back then, but it resonates differently today, and therefore the film should be viewed with caution.

Full of racist stereotypes, the 1970s film is set in Paris in 1910 and is built on the idea of ​​classicism and segregation. Again: proceed with caution.

Boogedy Bride

Originally an episode of the anthology “ The Disney Sunday Movie, ” which some of Disney’s weirdest horror titles have come out of, the title follows a quiet family who move into a new home without knowing that it is inhabited by a ghost. The big deal with Boogedy Bride is that the moments when the movie is expected to surprise turn into completely comedic sequences, and the movie becomes a parody of itself.


Taking a ‘ride’ on the Cars wave, Aviões even tried to extend the concept started with ‘Relampago Marquinhos’, but it didn’t work out very well. The movie is not from Pixar, it is from DisneyToon Animations, it didn’t please audiences or critics, and it doesn’t feature anything really striking. Despite this, he won a sequel. Don’t get on board.

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