10 wonderful super heroines to inspire girls

They have a hidden identity, fight for space in society, and protect human beings from the world’s darkest threats. The old-fashioned world, so long dominated by heroes and the male universe, gradually recognized the importance of heroines in building a plural narrative that would generate identification with the female audience (consumer). And to inspire women in their daily lives, here are 10 amazing heroines for you to transfer their powers into your daily life:

10 – Rose Quartz, Steven Universe – Cartoon Network

Rose is the mother of the main character in this drawing, but her story is amazing and deserved a spinoff of hers. Founder and leader of the Crystal Gems, she fell in love with Earth and led a rebellion against those who wanted to invade our planet – and ended up saving all life here. Later, she lovingly became involved with Greg Universe, and in order to give birth to Steve, Rose gave up her physical form. It’s beautiful, isn’t it?

9 – Wasp, Marvel

While this Marvel core is all about Ant-Man, let’s not forget the Wasp! She, who in addition to being a super scientist, has been the subject of scientific research on purpose – and, with it, gained the power to communicate telepathically with insects, which now follow her orders. In short: she’s a superhero scientist!

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8 – Thief, X-Men – Marvel

Vampira has yet to be portrayed in cinematography at her level, because, in truth, she is an incredible and indispensable character. While most heroes have abilities like strength and speed, Rogue can simply absorb the vitality and memory of others! Imagine the good this can do for humanity!

7 – Starlight, boys – Amazon Prime

Also known as Annie January, a young woman born inside the United States who innocently dreams of saving mankind – but unlike many heroes, she really wants to save mankind. Hence his disappointment to join the group of heroes who, as a people, are a great disappointment. Despite the toxic work environment, Starlight remains gentle and gentle at all times, in pursuit of its goal.

6 – Captain Marvel – Marvel

Although many people didn’t like the result in theaters, we will focus on the character Captain Marvel – who tried to avoid a terrible invasion of planet Earth and, from space, fights several almost intergalactic conflicts. alone. This is no small feat, especially since there, as here on Earth, the male predominance in the armies is constantly testing the heroine’s abilities.

5 – Storm, X-Men – Marvel

People usually associate the character Storm as belonging to the X-Men group, but they forget how bad she is: the daughter of a Kenyan tribal princess, descendant of African priestesses and witches, this tall woman is simply capable of handling and to control the weather – the rains, the sun, the winds, everything. This is an achievement!

4 – Wonder Woman – DC

The Greek Amazon of the island of Temyscira which recently won a new film adaptation is a woman who from an early age pursued her vocation: to be a warrior among her people, not a princess. Although heir to the hierarchy, Diana was not spared in her training and devoted herself as much (if not more) than other Amazons. After leaving Temyscira, she still comes to our world to take care of human beings against the forces of evil.

3 – Shuri – Wonder

Shuri is one of the smartest people in Wakanda and possibly the world. She is a martial artist, has super speed and knows how to deal with necromancy. It uses its high IQ to contribute to the scientific and technological evolution of its inhabitants, especially by using vibranium. She is the highest rated character to take on the role of Black Panther in future films, as she is T’Challa’s sister.

2 – Yara-Flor – DC

Yara-Flor, also known as “ Wonder Girl ” (Wonder Girl), is a character created by DC, the daughter of an Amazonian warrior and a god of the Brazilian rivers. Upon discovering her powers, she begins a struggle to combat the evil that threatens society. Nothing better than a Brazilian heroine to inspire us in this fight, right?

1 – Super Xuxa, movie

The fictional character created by Xuxa – the alter ego of the presenter – nothing more, nothing less than fighting against the Low Astral! For real! To think that in mid-1988 Super Xuxa was struggling, in his own way, with the threat of depression in humans. It is very courageous! And she fought the Low-Astral with music, rainbows and a lot of smiles.

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