10 years of panic 4 | Christina Ricci, Selena Gomez and other actors who ALMOST participated in the terror …

Panic 4, the franchise’s late and, let’s say, underrated streak wraps up 10 years of its 2021 theatrical release. The film hit nationwide theaters on April 15, 2021.

To pay homage to this late Panic, which does not get the attention and value it really deserves, and to start warming up the engines of the new Panic – which will be launched on January 14, 2022 in our country, that is – ie in less than a year – we have decided to bring one more article on this franchise that we love so much, this time centered on Panic 4. Here we will meet the actors who were barely part of the film.

Behind the scenes of a film production is the most important thing and when it comes to actors and roles, that makes a long book. A movie can change dramatically depending on the performer of a particular character. In Panic 4, things turned out almost differently than what we see on screen as well. Of course, we’re only talking about new characters here, as there hasn’t been any consideration yet in the franchise to replace the characters Sidney, Dewey, and Gale with other actors (thankfully). Find out below.

Jill Roberts (Emma Roberts)

Jill – the most important new character in the plot – Sidney’s cousin, before receiving the forms of Emma Roberts, was almost experienced by Selena Gomez and Ashley Greene, both considered for the role. On the other hand, Scout Taylor-Compton (Laurie Strode from Rob Zombie’s Halloween movies) even auditioned for the same character.

Officer Judy Hicks (Marley Shelton)

Another striking new character in the fourth film is policewoman Judy Hicks, Dewey’s partner at work, who has a crush on her partner in strength. Actress Lake Bell had been hired for the role of Judy, but she had to leave production due to the notorious “scheduling conflict”, announcing her departure on Twitter in June 2010. Before the role took the form of blonde Marley Shelton, in However, Christina Ricci herself, who previously worked with director Wes Craven on the hapless Cursed (2005), auditioned for the character.

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Kate Roberts (Mary McDonnell)

In addition to Lake Bell, another actress was hired to play a character, but was unfortunately forced out of production. This is none other than Lauren Graham, Lorelai Gilmore, from the beloved Gilmore Girls series (2000-2007). The actress was hired for the role of Kate, Sidney’s aunt and Jill’s mother. Graham even announced her participation in Jay Leno’s talk show in 2009. Two weeks later, she withdrew from the project due to constant changes in the script. And as we know, the role ended with Oscar nominee Mary McDonnell (Dancing with Wolves and Tudo Pela Vida).

Kirby Reed (Hayden Panettiere)

A favorite of 10 out of 10 fans in the franchise, Kirby is undoubtedly the favorite addition of Panic, who happened in this fourth episode. So much so that many are asking for the character’s participation in the upcoming fifth film. It’s hard to imagine any other actress giving more life to the brave Kirby than to Panettiere, who truly “killed with a stick”. However, it almost happened when Disney actress Aly Michalka auditioned for the role. In addition to her, the Sardinian little girl Alia Shawkat (the Maebe of arrested development) was also in the running and registered a test.

Rebecca Walters (Alison Brie)

Interestingly, one of the most controversial roles that caught the attention of good actresses was that of Rebecca, Sidney’s press secretary at the launch of her book – which is Gale’s version of this kind of reboot. . The role ended in the hands of Alison Brie, a well-known actress. However, before her, retired Amanda Bynes (who hasn’t appeared on screens since appearing in A Mentira, 2010) auditioned for the role – which would lift her out of isolation. By the way, Aubrey Plaza, best known for her tangy comedies, also tested Rebecca.

Chloe and Rachel (Kristen Bell and Anna Paquin)

Panic 4’s opening scene is the best in the franchise! Extremely entertaining and meticulous in metalanguage like never before, the film constantly plays with the audience by delivering “false starts” from film to film. There are three segments, among which stands out the middle section with the most famous actresses: Kristen Bell and Oscar winner Anna Paquin. The blondes play with friends while watching a sequence of Stab on TV, a movie shoot that ends in a shocking and unusual way. Prior to the hiring of the actresses, the segment was planned with “trash muses” Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan in mind. Well, if that happened, it would narrow the line between the Pânico franchise and its Everybody in Panic parody.

Olivia Morris (Marielle Jaffe)

Olivia is one of the first victims of the killer in Panic 4. She is one of the two best friends of the “protagonist” Jill, alongside Kirby. While the character of Panettiere is cooler and sweeter, Olivia is the high school student. In order to live up to the role, the superb Marielle Jaffe was hired, who unfortunately did nothing more remarkable in her career thereafter. In her place, the British Jenna Coleman, known for the series Victory: The Life of a Queen (2016-2019), almost auditioned for the character.

Sherrie (Lucy Hale)

As noted, the start of Panic 4 is one of its big deviations from previous films in the franchise. There are three fake exits where we think we’re already seeing the movie, but what we’re actually seeing is the movie within the movie. And in the first scene is that of the actress Lucy Hale, at the time already known by the series Pretty Little Liers (2010-2017). Perhaps this is why the actress was hired without having to audition for the role. However, Hale revealed in an interview that she was originally hired for the role of Marnie Cooper, one of the characters who also opened the film, but is already in the “real world”. Hale could not agree due to the conflict with the aforementioned program recordings, therefore needing to stay with the minor participation in Sherrie’s forms. Marnie found herself in the hands of another now famous actress: Britt Robertson.

Hilary duff

Another star straight from the Disney Channel, Hilary Duff was briefly linked with the production, but eventually left the project. His character, however, has not been clarified. Could it be a character eliminated from the final scenario or an acquaintance? That is the question.

Rutina wesley

A similar epic continued with actress Rutina Wesley, famous for her roles as Tara in True Blood (2008-2014) and Liza Warner in Arrow (2015-2017). Wesley even signed a contract for an equally unspecified role, however, he had to leave production due to scheduling conflicts.

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