11 extremely amazing Netflix thrillers

Do you like an incredible thriller, which brings twists and turns that shock you? U.S. too!

The feeling of a final arc that transforms the story and brings broad thinking is one of the most satisfying resources in the seventh art. Come to think of it, CinePOP brings together 10 nifty movies with surprising endings that are available on Netflix that are just waiting for you. Do you have a marathon?

1 – During the storm

Unusual interference between two different eras causes Vera, a happy married woman, to save the life of a boy who lived in her house 25 years ago. The act of kindness distorts reality and Vera wakes up to a totally different reality, in which her daughter was never born and she never knew her husband.

While the film’s argument isn’t entirely original, “Durante da Tormenta” has a very interesting narrative form, and that’s what sets it apart. Mixing drama with suspense and a dash of terror, director Oriol Paulo makes no secret of his influence on Alfred Hitchcock – there are even scenes any moviegoer can identify from ‘Psycho’ and ‘Rear Window’ , including the soundtrack itself is very similar.

Enjoy watching:

“During the Storm” is a great thriller, which surprises with its construction and, even more, shows a pleasant surprise in the endless catalog of Netflix.

Starring Alisson Williams (from the great Corra !, Also on Netflix), “ The Perfection ” caused a stir at Fantastic Fest 2018, and is a psychological horror story written and directed by Richard Shepard (Girls). In the story, we follow the life of Charlotte Willmore, a former cello prodigy who is charmed by Lizzie (Logan Browning), the new student at the academy where Charlotte was studying. The meeting provokes a clash between the two and leads them both down very sinister paths.

If you like twists and turns, get ready! “The Perfection” is full of it and the film gets more and more intense and a little crazy. It divides opinions, but it has an ending that promises to leave you breathless.

The film revolves around a family whose life changes completely when a tragedy strikes them during the holidays. Joanne and Ray take their daughter, Peri, to the hospital after an accident. While the mother takes the child for the exams, the father ends up falling asleep in the waiting room. When he wakes up, the two are gone and no one from the hospital knows how to tell him what happened.

Released in 2019, ‘Fratura’ has become a darling on Netflix and brings intense twists and a frantic, very well structured pace, in addition to a beautiful performance by Sam Worthington.

This 2015 film is one of the slowest, which gradually increases tensions, and the principle is very simple: a man accepts the invitation to the ex-wife’s party and gets involved in conflicts and conversations he didn’t want to be a part of. The twists and turns scattered throughout Karyn Kusama’s film help explain what’s going on, but they’re not just the ones that make this film a great choice. The movie is not supported by this device to stop the viewer, which only makes the experience of watching it even more interesting.

The Spanish “Um Contratempo” follows the resolution of a crime from the point of view of the prime suspect. The idea of ​​putting the puzzle together with the few pieces of the game that we have access to makes the whole course more interesting, especially since audiences aren’t sure if they can trust the character’s word. Will be?

It’s another thriller that debuted softly on Netflix and won audiences precisely for the surprise that endures at the end. Again, the whole vibe is built very well by the script, and the turning point becomes the icing on the cake.

Leaving aside a bit of suspense and terror, Annihilation is a science fiction, but it also bears many traces of a psychological thriller. The story follows a group of explorers who enter a region overwhelmed by an anomaly in an attempt to find out what happened in the region. Strange events change who they are and the way they think. And one thing that doesn’t miss out on this movie is surprise.

“Annihilation” is written and directed by Alex Garland, and bears his signature and taste for mysterious elements and metaphors. Plus, it has superb performances from Jennifer Jason Leigh, Tessa Thompson, and Natalie Portman.

Eli is a young boy with a rare disease who cannot leave home and, as a result, leads a very lonely life. When he begins to undergo experimental treatment, he begins to see ghosts and evil spirits in his home. What is happening? What is causing this?

Directed by Ciaran Foy, “Eli” has a breathtaking ending that explains the reason behind the visions. Can you find out what it is?

Where’s Amy Dune?

An excellent storyteller of suspense, David Fincher brings, in this adaptation of the book by Gillian Flynn, Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike as protagonists. Affleck saw a husband searching for his missing wife, trying to find clues that revealed who was responsible for the kidnapping or possible murder. Throughout the film, we are presented with different perspectives on who Amy and her husband, Nick are. And the end… just watch!

9 – Se7en – The seven capital crimes

Give him David Fincher! Morgan Freeman and Brad Pitt live a pair of investigators on the hunt for a serial killer, who targets people who represent the Seven Deadly Sins. The duo must race against time to prevent more people from dying in fear for their own lives.

Owner of one of the most surprising endings in cinema, “Se7en” is ominous in the best sense of the word, brutal, and hardly a film no one will forget. If you haven’t watched it yet, run!

What would a list of shocking endings be without Christopher Nolan? Launched in 2006, “The Big Trick” is a real Russian doll of surprises and twists, a perfect dish for lovers of surprising stories. The mystery tells the story of the rivalry between two British illusionists in the 19th century, whose efforts to outdo each other lead to almost unimaginable extremes.

The Prestige (original title) has a screenplay written by Christopher and Jonathan Nolan, and their love for telling stories that develop like riddles is very evident, especially since the film appeals to the viewer from start to finish. Do you accept?

Double Nolan? We have! The much-acclaimed star takes Guy Pearce as Leonard, a boy who suffers from some sort of “recent memory loss”, and who searches for the man who raped and murdered his wife.

The non-linear structure of “Amnesia” is one of the things that makes the surprises that the script hides have an even more impact on the audience. While observing the details in an attempt to put the facts in order turns out to be an audience game, Amnesia goes beyond just finding the surprise factor, making it essential to what you plan to tell. A reference in terms of cinematographic language, the film has two Oscar nominations, and is one of those that deserve to be reviewed to broaden the perception.

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