12 BEST performance of Julia Roberts’ career

Julia Roberts is today one of Hollywood’s most iconic stars, remaining in the limelight for almost 30 years. Laudable fact and worthy of recognition. Thinking about it, and to pay homage to this big name in cinema – taking advantage of the catchphrase of his most recent work – CinePOP created its new list, with the 12 big performance of Julia Roberts’ career. Let’s meet.

Flowers of Steel (1989)

Little known film in the course of the actress, it was her first Oscar nomination (in the support category). At just 22 years old, Julia Roberts is part of a famous cast and at the time was the unknown little face. The story tells of the friendship of a group of women in the southern United States. The film received a remake in 2012, in the form of a made-for-television work, with a cast entirely of black actresses in the lead roles – directed by Queen Latifah.

Pretty Woman (1990)

After two consecutive years at the Oscars, with this film Julia Roberts went from supporting actress to lead actress nominations. Now we have a famous movie on the list – the most famous of the star’s career and the feature film that wrote its name in the Hollywood skies. It is no exaggeration to say that this is one of the most famous productions in cinema. In the plot, Roberts sees a street prostitute in this twisted (but still cute) tale of Cinderella.

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My Best Friend’s Wedding (1997)

And if Pretty Woman was used to write Roberts’ name on the card, this movie was used to bring it back to the card. What is happening is that after Uma Linda Mulher, the actress would spend her next projects trying to settle down and make peace with the audience, without much success. Full recognition would only come with My Best Friend’s Wedding, another huge business arrangement, although not quite as striking and resonant as the above article. In the film, Roberts finds herself in love with her best friend and tries to prevent her marriage. Justice is done, to sell the film was the necessary charisma, which only a star the size of Julia Roberts possesses.

A Place Called Notting Hill (1999)

Two years later, the star scored another goal. It’s hard to say which of the last three posts is most loved (or should we say by) fans – I think it depends on the generation. Another hugely popular film, considered by many to be one of the best romantic comedies ever made, Notting Hill features Roberts as Hollywood’s greatest movie star, falling in love with a simple, goofy guy (role of Hugh Grant). Yes, fairy tales exist, and the cinema is their place.

Erin Brockovich – A Talented Woman (2000)

Now the third time it’s the charm. After two Oscar nominations without a win (as supporting and leading actress), Julia Roberts was finally recognized by the Academy, coming away with victory in the main category. Based on a true story, and directed by Steven Soderbergh, the film tells the story of the main character (Roberts), a stubborn woman, but without much luck. With great financial difficulties and young children to raise, she finds a job in a law firm and ends up helping in an important case.

Closer – Too Close (2004)

Closely revered at the time by those who enjoy more in-depth discussions of the two’s relationship – the so-called DR -, Closer is led by subject matter expert, the late filmmaker Mike Nichols, who has nothing short of Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woof. ? (1966). In the plot, two couples intertwine and take turns in their relationships. The top four players, including Roberts, are at their best – but only Clive Owen and Natalie Portman have been recalled for supporting the nominations.

Power Games (2007)

One of the perks of gaining a certain status in the film industry (which comes with your veteran degree) is that you can better choose your projects and the team you want to be associated with. Julia Roberts said that now she “only works with friends”. And if such friends come in the form of Tom Hanks, director Mike Nichols (in his latest work) and screenwriter Aaron Sorkin, we don’t see how it can go wrong. Add to the mix, friendships like Philip Seymour Hoffman (another deceased artist), Amy Adams and Emily Blunt and we have one of the most compelling political critiques of the past 15 years.

Family Album (2013)

One of the best screen castings of the past decade, this entirely dysfunctional family drama is based on the play by Tracy Letts. In the feature film, Roberts plays the girl who has a personal feud with the Matriarch played by the monstrous Meryl Streep – the marvelous poster even shows the two moorings. And the two Oscar nominations the film received were, precisely, for these two great actresses.

The Normal Heart (2014)

Producer Ryan Murphy is one of the great talents of current television, marking his name in blockbuster works, see Glee, American Horror Story, Feud and American Crime Story. In film, the subject led Julia Roberts in one of her most recent hits: the egotrip Comer, Rezar e Amar (2010). Four years later, and Roberts following their plan to simply work with friends, the duo would find themselves in this heavy but instructive and instructive drama about the terrible disease of AIDS. In the film, which features an impressive performance by Mark Ruffalo in the lead role, Roberts plays a wheelchair doctor who pioneered the case and helped advance understanding of the epidemic in the 1980s.

Eyes of Justice (2015)

When Brazilian fans of the original neoclassical O Segredo dos Seu Olhos (2009) heard about the North American remake, the first step, of course, was repudiation. This is normal, because Argentinian work is hugely revered in our country – Brazilian moviegoers have come to appreciate and love Argentinian cinema as much as our own films. But then the surprise came, after all we have to do justice (as the title says here) and the replay commissioned by Billy Ray is well and truly good. The director was smart to put together a new film that would work well in his territory, in its culture and in its reality. One of the highlights is the new trio of protagonists, which works very well, with Chiwetel Ejiofor, Nicole Kidman and Julia Roberts – an integral part of the pieces to work on.

Extraordinary (2017)

Another prominent performance from the star, which is likely to go unnoticed by the most distracted viewer. In the film based on the literary success, Roberts plays the mother of a boy born with a deformity in his face – the fact that he never had a traditional education in school, being taught at home – out of fear of what the dynamics would be with other students. Bullying is the main subject modeled here. Parents’ fear is understandable, and some of the most exciting passages relate precisely to conversations between mother and child, in which only an actress the size of Roberts would show so much burden.

Ben’s Return (2018)

When it was released at the end of last year in several countries around the world, this film sparked discussions about the Oscars. It’s the star’s new major drama, released recently in Brazil, in which she sees a desperate mother trying to cope with the return of her son, a drug addict boy. This is the heart of work: like addiction and everything that surrounds it, it can destroy not only the life of the consumer, but that of everyone around him, especially his loved ones. At 51, Julia Roberts is in a new phase of her career, more exuberant than ever.

Homecoming (2018)

Julia Roberts has already reached a stage where she can choose her projects by hand and only work on what she really feels compelled to do. It means reducing your appearances and enhancing your image in projects that you feel are relevant. In a career that has spanned 32 years, with 62 credits as an actress, we have a real milestone here for Julia Roberts. It is the first time that the star has migrated to television as the protagonist of a series of his own. On the Amazon Prime Video streaming platform show, she plays Heidi, a psychologist who helps soldiers readjust to their lives after returning from duty and the horrors of conflict overseas.

So, did you like our selection? Have we left any aside? Comment, tell us your favorites and also list the best works of Julia Roberts below.

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