12 series that had hellish backstage and full of TRETA

Sometimes they play best friends in front of the camera and stay just over 5 minutes in the same environment behind them. If the big challenge is to keep the behind-the-scenes drama from going over the screen, there is often not much to hide from the media that one of its protagonists doesn’t like. ‘other – or that one of them has a serious problem with the producers and the writers.

The recent accusations of bad behavior by actress Lea Michele behind the scenes at Glee, something that had been a big rumor since the show’s heyday, incidentally, have reminded fans of all the issues that have made the atmosphere behind the scenes a new one. And, since there were so many, CinePOP decided to remember this series and others that had more drama with the cameras off than with them.

Rachel Berry’s “star attacks” have been reported by members of the show’s main cast – including Brittany S. Murphy’s performer Heather Morris, who confirmed it was “very difficult” to work with. actress. After Samantha Ware’s post on her own social media sparked a wave of accusations against Michele, other people confirmed the hostile atmosphere, and although Amber Riley did not say she had been abused , she supported her colleagues who felt wronged.

This isn’t the first time Glee has been in the controversial spotlight. Naya Rivera (Santana Lopez) wrote in her autobiographical book that living with Lea was complicated and her character was even overshadowed by the protagonist’s demand. The showrunner himself, by the way, has previously commented on the internal confusions he was unable to handle:

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“It was the best and the worst time of my life. There was a lot of fighting, a lot of people sleeping with a lot of people and ending. It was good training to be a father, I will say that, ”he told Entertainment Weekly. “If I could have gone back in time, I would have done things differently with a lot of these actors. I am still very close to some of them (…) but with others it did not go very well, and I regret it, ”he added in a statement to THR.

Grey’s Anatomy

There have been so many backstage crises at Grey’s Anatomy that we have a full story listing the top 10. So let’s recall here the confusion with Katherine Heigl. Although the eternal Izzie Stevens left the show in March 2010, the confusion began two years earlier when the actress withdrew her entry to compete for the Emmy claiming that she “didn’t feel to have received enough material to be considered as nominated ”. The situation, of course, caused a nuisance, and Shonda Rhimes justified that the character had less screen time because the actress herself had requested a lighter schedule, due to her other commitments.

Yet despite her return in season five, she eventually got tired of the situation and announced her departure. “We are working hard to find a friendly and courteous way to leave the past behind us. It’s sad but that’s what I want. Even though it seemed like an allegedly friendly outcome, Rhimes and Ellen Pompeo later confirmed that it was an uncomfortable situation for everyone involved.

The actresses’ transition to the role of Aunt Vivian from season 4 was due to Janet Hubert having had a conflict with star Will Smith. At the time, the two claimed the reason was “creative divergence”, also known as the official excuse for “bullshit”. Smith later confessed that he and the actress weren’t getting along well behind the scenes, and rumors say he gave the producers an ultimatum. Between her and him, you couldn’t do A Madman in the Piece without … the madman in the piece.

The dynamic between Julianna Margulies and Archie Panjabi was quite different from that between Alicia and Kalinda in The Good Wife. When rumors that they were filming separately began to reflect, speculation escalated and the reason, supposedly, would be jealousy of the Punjabi Emmy victory, and their departure made it difficult for the entire production routine. , although the real reason was never made official.

Charlie Sheen, who was literally the king of the series in the most successful comedy on television, wasn’t exactly an easy person to deal with, but things got worse when he started to behave erratically which turned turned into violence. verbal. The actor struggled with drug addiction, but the situation became so uncomfortable that he was fired from the show and replaced by Ashton Kutcher.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Buffy and Willow were onscreen friends, but Sarah Michelle Gellar and Alyson Hannigan started having problems with their lives starting in Season 3, as Hannigan was reportedly irritated by Gellar’s behavior, who wanted to prioritize her. rising career and was ready to finish work on BtVS at any time. When the series finally ended, in its seventh year, it was precisely because the protagonist said “enough”.

Which isn’t to say, of course, that there aren’t any legion of Buffy-loving fans out there yet. Classic is classic.

While filming Sex & the City, there were rumors that Kim Cattrall and Sarah Jessica Parker preferred to shoot their scenes separately, thank you. This is because Parker was earning the highest salary among directors, which caused discomfort when they didn’t need to be together on the premises.

The salary issue wasn’t limited to the HBO series, and another that faced something similar was The X-Files. In the late 1990s, the conflict between the crew and the cast escalated because Gillian Anderson was supposed to receive only half of David Duchovny’s salary. The actor himself even filed a lawsuit against Fox in 1997 over wage disputes, but it looks like everything was finally resolved, as the series survived in 2016.

The CW’s post-apocalyptic teen series found itself in rough waters in 2016 when it killed two characters beloved by audiences and came under heavy criticism for reinforcing negative stereotypes about LGBT representativeness. The drama was even more confused when Ricky Whittle, who played at the time Lincoln, gave an interview to Afterbuzz TV and revealed that his character’s death did not happen because he wanted to leave to follow suit. other jobs (the actor would come to star in American Gods shortly thereafter.), but because showrunner Jason Rothenberg made the atmosphere behind the scenes unbearable, sued him and ultimately “forced” him to quit.

Desperate Housewives didn’t suffer from a lack of drama, but we ended up with a $ 20 million lawsuit. It was then that Nicollette Sheridan, who played Edie, accused creator Marc Cherry of abuse, when he allegedly hit her in the head during a fight. The character was eventually killed off in the series, which caused a large audience drop.

Although the weather at USS Enterprise is pleasant, William Shatner and George Takei preferred to ignore the existence of the other off camera. Takei claimed that Shatner was selfish and the other was also not keen on hiding the nasty mood between them from the media.

It’s Dan Harmon vs. Chavy Chase in one of television’s most beloved comedies, a drama that the show’s creator says has taken on rather exaggerated proportions in the media.

It all got worse when Pierce Hawthorne was supposed to make a racist joke and the actor refused to shoot the scene. At this moment he said the word n ​​* gga (very offensive term), and left the room leaving behind a rather uncomfortable Yvette Nicole Brown. He claims he was saying the word to prove his point against the joke in the script, and was not pointing it at anyone present.

But when he came back with the will, in the end, to record the scene, he found that the whole discussion had been leaked to the press.

His erratic behavior had been a problem before, when the actor refused to record an important scene for the last episode of Season 3. After that, Harmon called Chase to find out and heard a rather rude response.

The alleged fight between Dan Harmon and Chevy Chase has been in the headlines of newspapers and magazines for weeks. In the end, dissatisfied and tired, Chase left in the middle of season 4 of the comedy, after Harmon was sacked at the end of season 3 (and thankfully rehired for season 5).

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