16 reasons that make the ‘Twilight’ saga so UNFORGETTABLE

Published in Brazil in 2005, the first edition of “Twilight” was already attracting readers in the United States and around the world. In a short time millions of copies in several languages ​​were sold and the rights to the story were acquired for the production of a feature film. Three years later, in 2008, the first chapter of the unlikely love story between a human and a vampire opened in theaters – which would become one of the most unforgettable and important sagas of the 21st century. and pop culture for a number of reasons.

With the complete saga on Netflix, we’ve decided to create a list with 16 reasons that make it so UNFORGETTABLE:

16 – Target audience identifies with Bella Swan

Until this moment in pop culture, we had not yet seen a young protagonist with whom the target audience identified so much! Bella is insecure, comes from school, dresses very basic, and doesn’t focus on parties, boys, and makeup. The fact that Bella was dressed in jeans and a blouse and drove a completely fucked up car brought her closer to the reality of the onlookers – and, therefore, brought her love affair closer to us.

15 – Young female protagonism

It was the first time in 2000s pop culture that we had a saga starring a woman, and young to boot. Previous big references are adventures starring men – ‘Star Wars’, ‘Harry Potter’, ‘The Lord of the Rings’, ‘Star Trek’, etc. From 2005 and “Twilight”, a new possibility opens up for children’s film stories.

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14 – Rescue the sexy vampire

The most popular personification of the vampire in literature is Dracula, followed by Anne Rice’s super sexy (and adult) vampires, such as Lestat and Louis from “Interview with the Vampire.” In ‘Twilight’ we have an innovative teenage vampire, without a childish imprint, but in the right amount of mischief depending on the age of the characters. And with that, thousands of teenagers all over the world have come to love and consume Gothic vampire culture.

13 – Appearance of the author in the film

For a writer to see his story become a feature film is the fulfillment of a dream. However, the face of the writer is hardly ever associated with the film. Although many writers have already appeared in their productions, it was from Stephenie Meyer’s participation in Bella and Edward’s wedding in “ Breaking Dawn: Part 1 ” that these writers’ appearances were popularized (and even expected) in film adaptations. pop culture books.

12 – Song of Robert Pattinson

So at just 22 years old, Robert Pattinson took the opportunity of the Twilight Saga to show that he was a multi-talented actor, and not just a pretty face. In the first movie, in the restaurant scene where Bella and Edward are having dinner (well, he doesn’t, lol), the music in the background is Robert Pattinson’s singing. Later, in “Amanhecer: Parte 2”, the boy returns to sing, but this time playing the piano.

11 – Saga launched a narrative format that has become popular around the world

If you look closely, the “Twilight” saga has a very simple structure: a helpless young girl divided by the love of two boys – one good and sure, the other bad and attractive; the young woman is experiencing a major change (going to live in another city), has absent parents (even too many, right), few friends in the city and is almost totally dependent on the protagonist – who is a mysterious, rich and grown boy. The two want to be together, but they can’t, and the whole saga ultimately has to do with their ability to be together. You see this same structure repeated in many other stories started from there, such as “City of Bones”, “The Hunger Games”, “Fifty Shades of Gray”, “Gabriel’s Inferno” and so on.

10 – Popularization of classical literature

This structure we are talking about resembles that of “The Wuthering Heights”, and Stephenie Meyer herself admitted to having been inspired by the novel by Emily Brontë. Even Bella Swan appears reading and commenting on the trick that has been repeated in many other young publications, such as “The Diary of Anne Frank” in “The Fault in the Stars” and “The Divine Comedy” in “Gabriel’s Inferno”. This transmedia made the viewing public interested in hitherto unknown literature, which is quite positive, as it took advantage of book sales at the time.

9 – learn the pain of loss

It might sound silly, but when Edward and Bella broke up on “ New Moon, ” thousands of teens around the world felt the pain of separation – and with it, they learned that this pain is real and that we have to do something about it (but don’t ride a motorcycle, right). Lessons aside, Bella staying at home every day all day without seeing the time go by also prepared us for what we would face in 2020.

8 – Recordings in Brazil

Of all the places in the world where Bella and Edward could spend their honeymoon (since he avoids being in the sun), they decided to come to Rio de Janeiro (!!!!), where they danced in a Lapa Street, and Ilha Grande (gift from Carlisle). At the start of the decade, it stirred the hormones of thousands of fans of the saga (and the couple) and, as a result, made Brazil a paradise on the big screen.

7 – The bad boy and protector

Edward is not just any good guy. It is dangerous, and therefore bad. But he’s also extremely protective – to the point of appearing out of nowhere in the dark alley to save Bella from trouble. This archetype was also reproduced by several literatures that later became films, such as “Fifty Shades of Gray”, “Gabriel’s Inferno” and “365 DNI”. Also know that these protagonists are rich, offer incredibly expensive gifts, offer breathtaking walks and, in addition, play the piano. Edward destroyed the imagination of the regular good guy, lol.

6 – There is a brand new Booboo Stewart

For those who don’t remember, we have Booboo Stewart new to three of the franchise’s five films as a very cute preteen wolf. He would later grow taller, stay with long hair, and gain muscle while playing in Disney’s “ Descendants ” trilogy. But he never lost his wolf look.

5 – Cell phones that only turn on

The ‘Twilight’ saga was one of the last productions where the characters did not yet have a smartphone. Really! Cell phones, even with a modern display, would only call and send messages, they did not enter the internet. Isn’t that beautiful? Mainly because if they had access to the internet Bella wouldn’t make a fool of herself when visiting the herbarium and Edward telling her to go Google. Frog!

4 – Shirtless boys

Since we ultimately focused the protagonism on a teenager, the female audience was ultimately contemplated with the display of young, healed, shirtless bodies, backed up by the super plausible excuse that werewolves are hot and, therefore, become shirtless.

3 – Cheesy phrases we love

The “Twilight” saga is full of funny phrases that have become unforgettable for many people, such as “And then the lion fell in love with the lamb”. Sigh… But one of the best lines is in ‘Breaking Dawn: Part 1’, the scene where Bella is almost freezing in the tent, there is nothing Edward can do because he too is cold and, to make matters worse, he realizes that the only one who can warm his girlfriend right now is Jacob – his competitor for Bella’s heart. As if the extremely embarrassing situation for the vampire wasn’t enough, Edward turns to Jacob and asks why he thinks this would be the only option to save Bella at this point, and Jacob simply comes back: “Because I’m sexier. than you! ”Aaaahhh Our Lady of Pun!

2 – Robert Pattinson’s first contact with bats

Many nerds were furious at the portrayal of a bursting vampire and the thrill the story brought to female audiences. But the truth is, those same nerds now have to bite their tongues, because without their work in ‘Twilight’ – and their smash hit as a vampire – Robert Pattinson probably wouldn’t be as highly rated for being the new one ‘ ‘Batman’, twelve years later.

1 – Made us wait over a decade for the new book

Few sagas in the world have captivated their audiences with such affection, making crowds wait more than 10 years for a new book that, in truth, tells the same story we love, only from the point of view of our sweet vampire. Suddenly, women around the world are feeling adolescent again due to the thrill of the launch of “ Sol da Meia-Noite ”, which has just arrived in bookstores, bringing a wave of well-being and satisfaction to thousands of readers in a year as difficult as 2020. Thanks only to Stephenie Meyer for everything.

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