“2000 and Vishhh”: Leandro Hassum has a fun retrospective of the year, in a program that debuts TODAY!

Acclaimed comedian Leandro Hassum promises to bring a lighter and more comical look at the tumultuous social detachment the Brazilian is facing throughout this year, in his new program titled “2000 e Vishhh”, produced for broadcaster TNT.

And in an interview with our journalist and critic Rafa Gomes, Hassum told the details of the new series, which will bring an air of standing comedy, with funny images that always count with the participation of great personalities of our country.

The program opens Monday (23), at 11:30 p.m. (BSB time), on TNT.

Watch our interview:

Hassum could also be seen soon in a new Netflix original Christmas feature film titled “ Okay at Christmas Coming. ”

Enjoy watching:

The comedy makes its catalog debut on December 3.

Discover the trailer, as well as the poster:

After falling on Christmas Eve, cranky Jorge passes out and wakes up a year later without remembering what happened. He soon realizes that he is doomed to keep waking up on Christmas Eve, year after year, having to deal with the consequences of what his other “I” did in the remaining 364 days.

Elisa Pinheiro, Ariane Botelho, Miguel Rômulo, Louise Cardoso and Danielle Winits complete the cast. Roberto Santucci directs.

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