300 cinemas have been CLOSED in Brazil since the pandemic

According to the newspaper Folha de S. Paulo, around 300 cinemas have been closed in Brazil since the start of the coronavirus pandemic.

Before the virus outbreak, the National Exhibition Center had around 3,500 theaters – a break from the 1975 record – and currently there are only around 3,200 theaters in operation. The reduction in the number of rooms was due to the shutdown caused by the pandemic, which led to the worst crisis in the history of the industry.

In an interview on the site, Ricardo Difini Leite, President of Feneec, said: “Due to the crisis that took place in the sector, it was not even a significant amount. There was an 8% reduction in the market. There was no concentration. Itaú has closed in some places, but few operations. And sometimes even the reduction of rooms in the same complex – a readjustment. The problem was widespread.

Folha also points out that before the pandemic, the number of cinemas in Brazil was increasing – highlighting the arrival of operators in regions with few or no cinemas.

And despite the fine performance of ‘Spider-Man: No Return Home’, which became our nation’s BIGGEST box office debut, the industry is still set to take a long time to recover properly.

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