40 Christmas productions to watch and get emotional

That’s it, people! 2020 was brabeza, but Christmas is here, so here’s a staple list with productions to watch and move.

40 – ‘Christmas Gift Mission’ – Netflix

Rom-With stuffed with clichés and an adorable guy distributing Christmas presents on a paradise beach. Want more?

39 – ‘Perfect Christmas’ – Globoplay

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Forty-minute children’s series, ideal to watch with children because they are the protagonists, in two completely different worlds.

38 – “ The Strange World of Jack ” – Disney +

Disney’s Christmas horror classic in partnership with Tim Burton is a sure thing in the transition period between Halloween and Christmas. If you haven’t seen it, see!

37 – “ A Christmas invention ” – Netflix

Super fun and featuring an all-black cast, the children’s musical addresses the importance of believing in ourselves and our dreams. To see with the whole family together.

36 – ‘The Christmas Boot’ – HBO

Holly’s family owns a Christmas store and is on the verge of bankruptcy, so she tries to work on Nick’s charismatic side to play Santa Claus from the store and thus attract customers.

35 – “ The Grinch ” – Amazon Prime

The classic story of the grumpy little green man who hates Christmas and lives in Quemlândia – a town that breathes Christmas. This is the live adaptation with Jim Carrey.

34 – ‘A Christmas wish’ – Looke

A young woman in her final year of high school finds out that she won’t be able to attend the town’s annual ball, which always takes place at Christmas, and therefore makes a very special request.

33 – ‘The Grinch’ – Telecine

In 2018, the classic Grinch story won an animated version, featuring rhyming dialogue voiced by Lázaro Ramos and a colorful look. To see with the children.

32 – “ Sex, Drugs and Bells ” – Starzplay

Since not everyone likes a cute Christmas movie, here’s a tip from a fun movie about three friends who always go to New York to spend Christmas together, looking for the perfect party.

31 – ‘Personalized Christmas’ – Netflix

An architect will receive his family for Christmas and, for this, he hires an events coordinator. What he didn’t know was that it would bring so much light to his life.

30 – ‘The Naughty List’ – Passionflix

For those who love a good “newsstand” romance, check out this film that tells the story of a waitress who is desperately in love with the owner of the bar where she works, but everything changes when he asks her to fill out a spicy list.

29 – “ A Christmas of Discovery ” – Netflix

A doctor agrees to work in a small town in Alaska, without imagining that the place is hiding a Christmas secret and that one of the residents can change his life.

28 – ‘Christmas in the dark’ – Globoplay

At Christmas, a group of six groups of people are trapped in elevators in New York City. A humorous film with Patrick Stewart.

27 – ‘Elliot – A Christmas Story’ – AppleTV +

Nice little animation to do with the little ones, on inclusion and affectivity. When reindeer veteran Blitzen decides to retire, miniature horse Elliot tries to fulfill his dream of being Santa’s helper.

26 – “ In Search of the Perfect Christmas ” – Looke

When a young businesswoman dresses up as Mrs. Claus in her family’s Christmas store, her life begins to take unexpected paths in this film.

25 – ‘Christmas Escape’ – Globoplay

Half-hour comedy about a group of old people who rebel and flee on Christmas Eve.

24 – “Dash and Lily” – Netflix

Juvenile marathon series in one session. It tells the story of two young people – she, who loves Christmas; him, who hates him. They just love each other, but they don’t know each other.

23 – ‘Christmas Under the Stars’ – HBO

Cute rom-com about a school principal who has to shut down the institution’s music program – which is run by his neighbor cat. You can already imagine what’s going on, right?

22 – “ The Dog Who Saved the Holidays ” – Amazon Prime

Dog and Christmas is a perfect match, right? This is the fourth film in the franchise, in which the pup Zeus will meet new doguinos while his family travels to spend the holidays in California.

21 – Heidi’s Christmas – Netflix

The curator of an art gallery returns to her city to spend Christmas and rediscovers the love of adolescence, which makes her relive old unresolved passions.

20 – ‘Christmas Chronicles’ – Netflix

The first movie was released in 2018 and later this year comes the second so you can see them both, after all, after brothers Kate and Teddy caused an accident on Santa’s sleigh, anything can. arrive.

19 – ‘Christmas Confessions’ – Looke

When an actress returns to her hometown – where she left behind a loosely resolved romance – her life begins to get better than the fiction she’s struggling to interpret.

18 – ‘Current operation’ – Netflix

This drawing has been shown on open TV several times, but it is still a good choice for children, after all, when Santa’s children have different views on the logistics of delivering gifts, no children cannot be left without a gift … until the worst happens!

17 – “ Wrapped up in you ” – Passionflix

Less than fifteen minutes which tells a cute story of a gay couple in love where one loves Christmas and the other is a workaholic – until the festivities arrive and everything can happen.

16 – “ Olaf on a Frozen New Adventure ” – Disney +

Kid’s most beloved snowman has a half hour Christmas special that is full of good feelings and part of the “Frozen” universe.

15 – “ Together, the magic happens ” – Globoplay

Last year’s Rede Globo Christmas Special is the cutest thing! Starring an all-black cast, it tells the story of a family who loses their matriarch on Christmas Eve and needs to rediscover love.

14 – “ A Very Crazy Christmas ” – HBO

Harold and Kumar find themselves in a big mess when they start a huge fight and set the Christmas tree on fire. An absurd comedy to relax.

13 – “ The Magic Toy Store ” – Amazon Prime

Mr. Magorium’s incredible store is where toys come to life. Combining magic and adventure, this is one of those films to see with the children when the good old does not come.

12 – “ Christmas is in the Air ” – Netflix

After a turnaround, a lonely dad and his four spoiled children are forced to cut spending and rethink what really matters this Christmas.

11 – “Drop the Snow” – Netflix

In this film, five cores of characters become entangled because of a blizzard that devastates the small town on Christmas Eve. From these meetings will emerge stories of love, family, friendship and new beginnings.

10 – Angela’s Christmas – Netflix

Thirty minutes animation, tells the story of Angela and her family, who have little and live in a very cold city … until Angela feels sorry for the baby Jesus, alone and discovered in the nursery, and decides to take him home to warm him up.

9 – “ The mistletoe problem ” – Passionflix

Keane is a boy who suddenly seems to ask Willa to take care of his aunt’s kitten, but he doesn’t remember that in the past at school he broke her heart. And, this Christmas, the last thing Willa needs is to help someone who hurt her … and who she still has feelings for.

8 – “ A past of the present ” – Netflix

Vanessa Hudgens stars in this fairy tale in which she is a disillusioned teacher with love and super family and who ends up stumbling upon a medieval prince who ends up being transported to the present day. And with him, she learns to believe in love.

7 – “ Okay for Christmas to come ” – Netflix

Leandro Hassum’s first Christmas feature film and original Netlfix. The premiere of this new comedy is scheduled for Christmas week and chronicles the misfortune of a father who ends up waking up repeatedly on Christmas Eve.

6 – “ A prince in my life ” – Amazon Prime

Classic Christmas Romance Comedies, tells the story of Paige, a super studious college student who meets a mysterious Danish exchange student who is a prince!

5 – A Mickey’s Christmas Carol – Disney +

The classic Disney version of writer Charles Dickens’ equally classic Christmas story is finally available on a platform – and is the perfect movie to watch with the family after such an incredible 2020.

4 – ‘The Princess and the Commoner’ – Netflix

Another film whose sequel arrives before Christmas. With impeccable artistic direction and starring darling Vanessa Hudgens, it’s a fairytale-style film that makes us sigh and be enchanted by Christmas.

3 – “ Love with Date ” – Netflix

Realistic little romance, ‘I don’t wanna fall in love’ style – but you know exactly what’s going to happen, because the protagonist couple combine to be the perfect match for each other on every celebration, to start with Christmas.

2 – ‘A second chance to love’ – Telecine

A beautiful love story that makes us emotional and crying. Starring darling Emilia Clarke, this film brings a warm heart and makes us want to call the people we love. Need to be assisted!

1 – “Klaus” – Netflix

Netflix’s latest big bet for Christmas, “Klaus” is a perfect movie in every way. It tells the story of a postman boy who goes to work in a town where no one writes a letter, and in the midst of it all, he meets a good old man who loves to give and distribute gifts.

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