5 remakes that worked

A remake is nothing more than a remake, a project that seeks in stories already known to the public a new reading about it. Sometimes even a new version of a book already adapted to the cinema. Every year dozens of remakes are released in theaters, some films even the reference are so distant that we only know that they are based on an existing work by reading the technical sheets. But making an AV project as good as its original can be very difficult. Taking that bridge and thinking of some movies that are remakes, further reading on the job, here are 5 remakes that worked:

To the rhythm of the heart

It’s possible that the remakes will be just as good as the originals! A long time ago, an exciting film arrived on the Amazon Prime Video platform that adapts all the tenderness and harmony of its French original. No Ritmo do Coração addresses important topics about family, social inclusion, work challenges, life choices in the clash between dreams and reality. Directed by filmmaker Sian Heder, in her second feature film of her career, the project promises to thrill with its lines of messages between the lines. The British Emilia Jones shines as the protagonist, as well as Troy Kotsur who plays her father.

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A star is born

One of the box office phenomena in Brazil and around the world in recent times, A Star is Born is a touching remake that excites in many moments but leaves something to be desired in some details. The surprising direction of Bradley Cooper is one of the highlights of this work that counts with Lady Gaga as one of the protagonists. Mixing music, afflictions, personal dramas, we embark on a story of conquests and losses against a backdrop of high-pitched guitar solos, remarkable musical interpretations with a denouement that will live long in the memory of many.

Millennium – The Men Who Didn’t Like Women

After great achievements in cinema, David Fincher decides to do something quite risky: a remake of the classic Swedish film The Men Who Didn’t Like Women. It was risky because the original version is sensational and it would be very difficult for the film to reach the same level, however, Fincher is Fincher. To make this new adaptation work, the enigmatic character Lisbeth Salander had to be played by an actress who gave herself body and soul to the role, the chosen one was the great Rooney Mara (who gave a real show on stage).

Love, Sublime Love (2021)

Steven Spielberg recently brought to theaters an excellent adaptation of the classic late ’50s film (this one even loosely based on William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet), West Side Story. In a New York of the 50s, we meet members of two antagonistic gangs who create chaos in various situations in which they find themselves. An unlikely romance blossoms between Maria and Tony, turning the gang rivalry into something even bigger.

Eleven men and a secret

A worldwide box office phenomenon, Men’s Eleven, aka Ocean’s Eleven, released in 2001 and directed by Steven Soderbergh is a remake, a re-reading of the classic 1960s film starring Frank Sinatra. In this 2000s version, we meet a rogue thief who, after his release from prison, plans to rob casinos overnight.

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