5 TERROR movies that take place at Christmas

Christmas is a time to spread happiness, receive gifts and celebrate with your family. The fantasy genre doesn’t forgive the holidays, however, and there are several horror movies that tell the magic of Christmas in a very dark spectrum.

With that in mind, I’ve put together a list of my five favorite Christmas horror movies. And for you? What classic of the genre can not be missed at Christmas?

The remake, released in 2006, isn’t exactly a good movie, but I can’t say it’s not fun. He’s a slasher that doesn’t take himself seriously, with much of the cast known to fans of the genre and extremely violent deaths. It’s a great choice for the holidays, to watch with friends drink and laugh a lot at the hype in the movie.

4. A Christmas Horror Story

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This indie terror probably went unnoticed by most fans of the genre, but it deserves to be on this list. Given its anthological character, the film was expected to differ in the quality of its stories, but even the worst segment of this production is still above average.

3. A night of fury

Without a doubt, this is one of my favorites! Dark humor and chivalrous doses of violence in a film that never takes itself seriously and begins with a real hilarious Christmas massacre, which serves to perfectly introduce the tone of the production.

This film is like a violent adult version of the classic “Forgot Me”, with a plot that gradually weighs the tone of the production. What apparently starts off as an innocent terrir takes on more terrifying dimensions as the film unfolds, contributing to growing tension over the course of the narrative. Despite being a fun movie, “Nearby Perigo” doesn’t shy away from heavy, shocking moments while still making us laugh.

1. Krampus: the terror of Christmas

After making “Halloween Tales,” one of my favorite Halloween movies, Michael Dougherty returns to play horror this Christmas. “Krampus: The Terror of Christmas” is a competent film, which brings just the right amount of horror to satisfy fans of the genre, while also being seen as family. It’s a perfect holiday movie and will definitely guarantee good entertainment for everyone.

These are two absolute classics of the genre that simply transcend this list. I put this as a bonus because, although the absolute majority have already watched both, it would be a sin not to mention them. Plus, it’s always good to revisit as these are two timeless films.

Premium [2]: Revenge of the trees

What if the Christmas trees revolt and start killing people for revenge? This idea is the result of an absurd, hilarious and completely bloody short film. And you can check it out in full above!

Merry Christmas to everyone!

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