8 Must-Have Amazon Prime Video Launch Tips

The weekend is approaching. Rainy days. Nothing better than staying at home to relax and watch a good movie on TV. There is no shortage of platform options for this. But what many viewers can find difficult is choosing something that interests them. And it is precisely for this task that we are here, dear reader.

For the effort, Amazon Prime Video has become an excellent choice, with its original productions to face the Netflix colossus, coming together in fierce conflict. With the recent launch of Disney + in Brazil, fans are thrilled. But for anyone who hasn’t yet had an interest in subscribing to Mickey’s House streaming, we’ve separated a new bundle of new production tips recently added to the Amazon catalog that you can’t miss. He has something for everyone. Come see and don’t forget to comment if you’ve already checked out and what you think of our tips.

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Carlinhos and Carlão

Debuting on November 12, this national comedy has the proposition of being both conscious and interrogative, tackling very popular themes in society, not only Brazilian, but global. Working in the same way as the recent Jojo Rabitt for Nazism, Carlinhos & Carlão criticizes homophobia, presenting a typical prejudiced macho entering a blitz of tolerance and acceptance. We know that it is only by being in the position of the other that we can know what he is feeling and what he is going through, thus Carlão (Luis Lobianco) is a mechanic passionate about football, who transforms himself as magically as gay when the night comes.

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At Paulinho’s Gogó

Comedian Maurício Manfrini made his theatrical debut with his right foot in the hilarious comedy Os Farofeiros (2018). Now he has the chance to take the opportunity to screen the first feature film of the character who made him famous: the trickster Paulinho Gogó – who has been playing for years in the TV show A Praça é Nossa. Here we have an origin story of the protagonist, with the participation of people like Cacau Protásio and, of course, the “godfather” Carlos Alberto de Nóbrega.

The spectacular

Comedians are more popular than ever. Taking a spin on that wave, this nationwide production that recently debuted on Amazon shows a dysfunctional trio of colleagues working in this field. Low, the egocentric Ed Lima (Paulo Mathias Jr.) needs to bring together a group of actors for a contest, as a chance to regain the prestige of his career. Thus, he enlists the mean and frustrated friend Ítalo (Rafael Portugal) and the promising Sara (Luísa Perissé – daughter and Heloísa Perissé).

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Cursed robe

We started the list with a recommendation for horror fans. A success at film festivals, having debuted at TIFF, the Toronto Film Festival is a British production, spoken in English and French. Owner of great creativity in its plot, and even of some comic elements, the feature film was written and directed by filmmaker Peter Strickland (The Duke of Burgundy). With an impressive 92% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes, critics have defined it as “a fascinating tribute to European horror cinema, which weaves a spell of surrealism, blending stylized horror and dark humor to offer audiences a captivating threat “.

The subject here is another “ghost” story. When a department store sells a beautiful flashy red dress during the winter, its new owner (role of Marianne Jean-Baptiste) will soon discover that it is no ordinary dress. There is no shortage of praise for this “weird in a good way” thriller, compared to a mix of David Lynch and Dario Argento. Simply a must.

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Borat: Next Film Strip

Borat is back! And his long-awaited second film opened at a very auspicious time, coinciding (on purpose, of course) with the US election, just in time to take off with the faces of Donald Trump, his Vice President Mike Pence and his lawyer, former New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani (in one of the new feature’s most baffling moments). There have been fourteen years of waiting and the world has changed a lot, but not the mood of Sacha Baron Cohen, the interpreter of the character, who remains incorrect to the core, without sparing anyone.

Closely following the model of the original, despite the change of director (Larry Charles, of Seinfeld, and Jason Woliner, of The Last Guy on Earth), the second film remains made as a mock documentary, of which few know that the joke it rolls. New features are now the protagonist’s daughter (a show outside of actress Maria Bakalova – for whom Cohen campaigned for an Oscar nomination), who accompanies her on her trip to the United States, and the COVID pandemic -19 – which caught the production of the film by surprise, and tried to be added to the script – eg. The second Borat also fell in favor of the critics, considered as “a sharp tool to denounce the misguided or totally disgusting corners of American culture”.

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The late Joseph Gordon-Levitt directs this original Amazon production, recommended for fans of action, drama and suspense with a lot of tension. First by German director Patrick Vollrath in feature films (which also signs the screenplay), the film features the young actor as an airplane pilot who is having the worst experience of his life. 7500 is the code that commercial airplanes use to tell control towers that they have been hijacked. And from this premise, you can imagine the content of the film.

On a Berlin-Paris flight, a young co-pilot, the role of Levitt, will do anything, alone, to prevent the terrorists from taking control of the plane’s cockpit – even if he has to deal with the possible death of the hostages, which includes his girlfriend, the flight attendant on board. To ensure more veracity in the film, the director used a real plane, bought by the production, and not a set. Additionally, the filming techniques used by the filmmaker always involved filming with the camera uncut, sometimes for a direct hour, and the actors’ freedom to improvise (which Levitt saw as a sometimes brutal experience, however, unique) . And it worked, since the performance of the protagonist was highly appreciated by the experts. Be careful not to confuse the film with the horror “tranqueira” Voo 7500, which launched in 2014.

Mussum – A film by Cacildis

By the title you can already understand the subject of this national documentary directed by Susanna Lira. Many people’s favorite “trapalhão”, Mussum’s trajectory, or better, Antonio Carlos Bernardes Gomes, began in music, as a samba player in the group Os Originais do Samba. The documentary permeates the life of this iconic Brazilian popular figure, from the beginning until becoming truly famous being part of the humorous sensation of the quartet Os Trapalhões – part of the folklore of our country.

Unforgettable, as well as his three collaborators, alongside Trapalhões Mussum, he achieved enormous success, captivating the imagination of the public, whether on television or in the cinema, where the absolute reigned in the 1980s, facing blockbusters and leaving them in Hollywood’s skin at the national box office. And when will we have such a phenomenon again? With archival footage and interviews with himself, as well as with figures such as Renato Aragão, Didi and Alcione, Mussum – A Cacildis film is essential at a time when there is much talk of racial representation. History and fun walking together.


Finally, we have selected another national production. This, returning to the first element of the story. Horror fans will have no complaints about Amazon’s collection. Blending murderous films with supernatural elements, such as demonic and spiritual possession, this is a recent production, launching this year, written, directed and performed by Arthur Vinciprova with many facets.

The plot shows a group of young people on an adventurous walk alongside their guide exploring an underground cave near a lake. At the same time, Jesus (Vinciprova) becomes the sole survivor of a tragedy that occurred at the site, along with his group of tourists fully murdered, including his wife. Soon he becomes the prime suspect of heinous crimes, but claims his innocence. In the story the boy told, his wife was allegedly possessed by an evil spirit and killed all the backpackers. It was then that he asked for the help of a nun to disentangle the affair, the only one who could believe his balance of power from another world. The sister is lived by the talented Carolina Ferraz, the most famous face of the cast and true star of the work.

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