9 incredible horror movies starring people with disabilities

In the 1980s and 1990s, one of the main characteristics of horror films was that the stories were played by helpless girls (usually blonde girls) who were desperate to escape the clutches of the evil killer. Well times have changed and the role of these productions has changed as well.

Now, productions are often focused on inclusive themes and topics of importance to society. So there is a wave of horror and suspense movies and series with characters with some kind of disability – physical, intellectual, psychological, etc. – where the shortcomings of everyday life become precisely the strength, the advantage of these characters. Check out nine examples of movies like this and where to watch them:

9 – ‘Pray For Us’ – rental on request

Jeffrey Dean Morgan is a discredited journalist who, on a business trip, witnesses a miracle: a deaf young woman begins to hear and speak after an alleged apparition of the Virgin Mary in a small town in the American countryside. However, things may not be what they appear to be.

8 – “The Receptionist” – Netflix

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A young autistic boy works as a receptionist in the middle of the night in a small hotel, and when everyone is asleep, he watches videos he records from the guest room. But one day he witnesses a crime, and his life changes completely from there.

7 – “Run” – Netflix

A teenage girl in a wheelchair is cared for and educated at home by her mother (Sarah Paulson) and lives her life in peace, until one day she realizes that her reality is being manipulated and that she has to get out of that control to to be able to save oneself.

6 – ‘Bird Box’ – Netflix

In this terror there is not exactly a disabled person, however, the imposition of deprivation of one of the senses – vision – as a condition of survival from the threat causes the characters to learn to survive as themselves. they were blind.

5 – ‘Shhh – Death hears’ – Netflix

Since she lost her hearing, a writer has lived in isolation at home. One day, however, a psychotic, masked assassin begins to haunt her house, and she will have to rediscover the forces buried within her to escape and survive.

4 – ‘The Silence’ – Netflix

The world is devastated and constantly attacked by creatures guided by sound. Therefore, the characters must be silent and communicate through signals to stay alive.

3 – ‘Bitter Cure’ – Netflix

An ambulance driver (Mario Casas) has a traffic accident and loses movement of the legs. Furious at his situation, his mood gradually changes, and the caring and loving man quickly transforms into a violent man who lashes out at others.

2 – “A quiet place” – Amazon Prime

Father, mother, son and daughter survive in a post-apocalyptic world where a terrible threat devours people who make noise. Thus, the family needs to be constantly silent, but this is an additional difficulty for the couple’s daughter, who is deaf. If you haven’t seen this movie yet, check it out as the sequel hits theaters on July 22.

1 – “The Man in the Dark” – Netflix

A group of cool kids decide to rob an old blind man’s house, however, what they didn’t expect was that the blind man turned the situation around and started chasing them away. One of the best horror movies to come out in recent years, it’s a great choice ahead of the sequel, which hits theaters this year.

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