‘A Drink in Hell’ will get a new animated series!

In an interview with Games Radar, filmmaker Robert Rodriguez revealed he is developing an animated series based on the ‘Um Drink no Inferno’ (From Dusk Till Dawn) franchise.

“We did three seasons on this series. And now we are developing an animated series based on “A Drink in Hell”. “

The production will continue the mythology of the series and expand the universe of Aztec vampires.

New information should be released soon.

The series, starring DJ Cotrona and Zane Holtz, follows Seth and Richie, two brothers on the run from the police who come face to face with a horde of vampires.

The original feature, released in 1996, spawned two sequels, ‘A Drink in Hell 2: Bloody Texas’ and ‘A Drink in Hell 3: The Executioner’s Daughter’, which lacked stars from the first and were released directly on video. .

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