A new ‘Fantastic Four’ reboot set for 2023

Marvel Studios reclaimed almost all of its intellectual property after Disney bought Fox, making way for many new projects that will increase the MCU’s pantheon.

Now, it looks like the new characters are already on their way to this universe, as, according to the GWW website, the company is already planning to feature the team known as the “ Fantastic Four ” on big screen – again.

Rumors have it that Marvel President Kevin Feige plans to re-release the dysfunctional superhero family in 2023. This will be the fourth attempt to honor the legacy of the team in question, just after the immemorial film. by Roger Corman in 1994, the failed Tim Story mini-franchise began in 2005, and the version was killed by audiences and critics by Josh Trank in 2015.

The story also indicates that Peyton Reed, director of “ Ant-Man and the Wasp, ” creates his own concept for the characters, stating that he’s the favorite to embrace the project.

No other information was revealed.

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The latest ‘Fantastic Four’ reboot was one of the biggest public criticisms and fiascos in recent history, as the chaos behind the scenes spawned one of the film industry’s most interesting stories. (especially when it was revealed that one of the actors almost hit the road with director Josh Trank).

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The “Fantastic Four” remake cost $ 120 million and only grossed $ 167 million worldwide.

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