“A Radical Skater”: a new Indian drama now available on Netflix

Indian drama ‘A Radical Skater’ is out now on Netflix. The production debuted this Friday (11) in the calendar.

Set in a remote village in Rajasthan, India, the plot follows Prerna (Gupta), a local teenage girl living a life tied to tradition and duty to her parents. But when publicist Jessica (Maghera) arrives at the village to learn more about her late father’s childhood, Prerna and the other local children are introduced to an exciting new adventure thanks to Jessica and her old friend (Readwin), who runs through the city on a skateboard. . Children fall in love with sports, skate in the village, disturb everything and everyone around them. Determined by her newfound passion, Jessica begins an uphill battle to build a place to skate, leaving Prerna with a difficult choice between meeting society’s expectations of her or fulfilling her dream of competing in the National Skateboarding Championship.


Manjari Makijany is in charge of directing and wrote the screenplay alongside Vinati Makijany.

The cast includes Rachel Saanchita Gupta, Amy Maghera, Shafin Patel and Jonathan Readwin, as well as an appearance by Waheeda Rehman.

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