Acclaimed film ‘Forever Cinderella’ starring Drew Barrymore turns 23; See the anecdotes!

Drew Barrymore is known for starring in numerous romantic comedies, including multiple collaborations with Adam Sandler (“Like It Was The First Time”, “Together and Mixed”) and the unfairly canceled “Santa Clarita Diet”. But before she became popular in the genre, she starred in the famous period romantic drama “Forever Cinderella”.

Inspired by the classic fairy tale, the story takes us back to Renaissance times, specifically to 16th century France, when Danielle de Barbarac’s widowed father (Barrymore) remarried a baroness (Anjelica Huston ), winning a mother and two sisters on the same day.

But the dreamed happiness lasted very little, because soon after the sudden death of her beloved father and her stepmother, whom she wished to be the mother she never had, begins to treat her like a servant. One of the baroness’s daughters is nice and doesn’t agree with many of the mother’s attitudes, but on the other hand, the other girl is quite selfish and only thinks about marrying the crown prince. (Dougray Scott). For this, she has the full support of her mother, who is ready to conspire, lie and do whatever it takes to see her daughter as the future queen. However, she must act quickly, as the prince has met Danielle and the two are in love, with the Baroness’ dreams of greatness about to fade away.

With a solid box office success, with a turnover of 98 million dollars, the film fell into popular taste and even resulted in an adaptation for the Broadway stage in 2013. And, to celebrate its 23rd anniversary, we’ve separated a list with some behind-the-scenes anecdotes.

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Drew Barrymore has commented in several interviews that “Forever Cinderella” is his favorite career movie. As the feature film shows, the real Leonardo da Vinci (played by Patrick Godfrey) kept the legendary Mona Lisa with him at all times, until the day she died. However, the shape of the painting was intentionally altered in production, done on canvas instead of a piece of wood. At one point, Queen Mary (Judy Parfitt) tells Henry to choose a wife wisely, because “divorce only happens in England.” The speech refers to King Henry VIII of England, who caused a huge scandal by separating from Catherine of Aragon to marry Anne Boleyn in the early 16th century.

Danielle’s portrait, painted by Da Vinci in the film, is actually modeled on another work by the artist, La Scapigliata. When Danielle is swimming in the lake, she is wearing the reverse breasted style. The style was very popular in medieval and Renaissance Europe – and is taught to this day as a survival tactic. When Rodmilla receives the invitation to the masked ball, the event will take place at the St. Jude banquet. This means that the ball will take place on October 28.

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Before Scott was chosen to play Henry, Jude Law and Jonny Lee Miller were considered the stars of the feature film. However, both turned down the role. The film departs from the supernatural and magical atmosphere of 1950s Walt Disney Studios animation. It should also be noted that there is no character titled Cinderella in the film. Leonardo da Vinci replaces the fairy godmother, helping Danielle dress for the masked ball. In the original tale of the Brothers Grimm, the mother-in-law and half-sisters got their eyes gouged out by birds at the end. In the long run, they are forced to work in a place that looks like a laundry. Typically, these places used caustic soda as soap and, after prolonged use, caused workers to be blind.

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