Actors and technical staff will need to be vaccinated against Covid-19 to work with Netflix

Netflix takes the new variant of Covid-19 seriously and has determined that all actors and professionals on the tech team need to be vaccinated in order to work on their projects. The information was revealed by the Deadline portal.

As the Delta variant continues to become the largest form of COVID-19 case among those infected in the United States, the streaming giant has decided to take strict safety action, requiring all members of the cast and the crew close to them on all US film sets be vaccinated. It is the first major studio to make such a decision.

The measure applies to anyone operating in the so-called “A” area. According to the Zone System, which was formulated by Hollywood unions to maintain productions during the pandemic, Zone A is a film / television project zone in which the cast and all key members of the crew physically operate. close to them.

Also according to Deadline, Netflix is ​​investigating the implementation of the same mandatory measure for actors and crew in all productions in the UK.

New information regarding the decision is expected to be announced shortly.

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