Actors who are also film directors

Continuing our story of artists who are truly a double threat, Part Two now comes with men. First of all, always women, and if you haven’t read the article about actresses who have also stood out as directors, check out the link below. In this second part we will see some (not all, obviously – so forgive us the ones we leave out / but who knows, they will appear in another story) of the actors who stood out the most behind the camera in charge of productions. Some of which are quite famous.

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Like the ladies, these gentlemen have made and continue to make prestigious films, major productions and even award-winning works. Some have even acquired greater notoriety in their career as a filmmaker than in their filmography in front of the cameras. For this article, we have selected the actors who continue to work as directors, and who promise new features soon. Meet us below.

Bradley Cooper

As the fool at heart in silly comedy films, Bradley Cooper quickly wanted to disassociate himself from such an image, showing he was a talented performer, with some pretty dramatic reach if the occasion called for it. It’s clear the star is showing he’s not serious, returning to have fun in breakout productions every now and then. But currently, no one doubts his quality as an actor. Nominated for no less than 8 Oscars (including 4 for acting), Cooper still does not have an Oscar statuette of his own, making him one of the Academy’s most aggrieved artists today. . However, we are sure that your price will be available soon.

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One must have lived under a rock the past two years not to know that Bradley Cooper made his directorial debut in the 2018 sensation film Nasce uma Estrela, in which he also starred alongside the star. Lady Gaga music. The film is, in fact, the third remake of the same story, already told in the cinema in 1937, 1954 and 1976. But Cooper is not the director of a single film, and is already preparing his second feature film with Maestro, biography of musician Leonard Bernstein, renowned conductor of Broadway musicals, who will also star, is expected to make his debut in 2021.

Clint eastwood

It does not need to be presented. But did you know that a Star is Born would originally be directed by Clint Eastwood and have muse Beyoncé in the lead role? The nonagenarian star has over 70 credits as an actor and began his career in the 1950s. Although he was very marked by the westerns he made early in his career, his first work on grand Screen was as a laboratory scientist, in an uncredited participation in the terror A Revenge do Mostro (1955), sequence from the classic The Monster of the Black Lagoon (1954).

As a director, Eastwood premiered two decades later, in 1971. Again, his first step as a filmmaker was not in a type of film associated with his difficult character, but in the thriller Perversa Paixão, in which lives a broadcaster who becomes the target of an obsessive woman. There are already more than 40 credits as a director, including two victories in the role – for the films Os Imperdoáveis ​​(1992) and Menina de Ouro (2004). Although he announced his retirement with A Mule (2018), Eastwood will return as an actor and director in Cry Macho, a story of redemption and friendship between an elderly cowboy and a boy, already in the post-production.

John krasinski

Known for his roles in comedy series, see The Office, John Krasinski resurfaces on the scene as a prestigious director. Everything, of course, when he scripted and directed the hit A Quiet Place (2018), which also starred alongside his wife, actress Emily Blunt. The film shows a post-apocalyptic world where survivors must live in silence so as not to arouse the wrath of monstrous sound-guided creatures. The work even helped Krasinski gain recognition as a dramatic actor, securing the starring role in Amazon’s suspense-and-spy series Jack Ryan.

A Quiet Place, however, was not his directorial debut. The actor had already directed two other feature films: the comedies Brief Interviews with Hideous Men (2009) and The Hollar Family (2016) – as well as a few episodes of The Office mentioned above (between 2010 and 2012). With the coronavirus pandemic, A Quiet Place 2, one of the most anticipated films of 2020, was due to be postponed until next year. Those who saw it guarantee that Krasinski did not let go of the wheel.

George clooney

Enjoying the premiere of Netflix’s new blockbuster, the fictional Midnight Sky, actor / director George Clooney is now on the list. The star, of course, commands the aforementioned work and also plays the role of a lone scientist in the Arctic trying to prevent astronauts from returning to our planet after a devastating reality sets in. Clooney, like Cooper, wanted to get away from the image of an idiot in commercial films as quickly as possible, eager to show his talent in more dramatic and demanding works.

And the actor succeeded, because he has an Oscar statuette at home for his performance in Syriana – The Oil Industry (2005) and three other nominations. As a director, he was also nominated for his second film, Boa Noite e Boa Sorte (2005), nominated for 6 Oscars, including that of the best film. Clooney has six films as a director in his filmography – including the recent Midnight Sky – and also two TV series: Unscripted (2005) and Catch-22 (2019).

Denzel Washington

A true sacred monster of world cinema, star Denzel Washington has reached this level of the greats, in which he is today considered the best actor by many moviegoers. He can really do anything, and he’s done it all, including directing the movie. His debut as a filmmaker took place the same year as his second acting victory (for Training Day), with the film Returning to Live (2002), a biography of Antwone Fisher, a young black man, military man from the ‘US Navy, with serious anger and violence issues. Washington also acts as the boy’s therapist.

Denzel even directed an episode of the beloved television series Gray´s Anatomy (2016), his only foray into the small screen. His third film was also the most prestigious. A Limit Between Us (Fences) is based on the famous play by August Wilson, and was nominated for 4 Oscars, including Best Picture, and won Best Actress for Viola Davis. The star is currently preparing her fourth film, Journal of Jordan, about a serviceman in the Baghdad war, leaving a diary for her young son – the film is played by the great Michael B. Jordan.

Ben affleck

Star Ben Affleck knows the ups and downs of his acting career so little in Hollywood. In fact, before he became a director, his career was going badly in the legs, delivering consecutive fiascos as the protagonist. But the turn would come with the adaptation of a book for cinema, the thriller Fear of Truth (2007) – in the humble opinion of this friend who speaks to you, still his best film as a director. The feature film challenges the legitimacy of terrible deeds for the purposes of a “greater good.”

There are those who say that Affleck began to perform better and elevated his game as a performer, after also becoming a filmmaker. Next come Dangerous Attraction (2010) and the pinnacle of director, Oscar winner for Best Picture, Argo (2012). Since everything in the world isn’t fair, Affleck won the Oscar as a producer for Argo, but wasn’t even nominated as a director, is that sweet? Even though his last film so far has been the least popular (The Night’s Law, 2016), Affleck returns as a director in the war drama Ghost Army and the crime drama based on Agatha Christie Witness for the Prosecution.

Mel Gibson

With successful franchises under his arm, like Mad Max and Deadly Machine, Mel Gibson became one of the most sought-after stars of the 1980s and 1990s. But, on the one hand, he was not recognized as an actor. prestigious drama, although he had tried productions like Hamlet (1990), he set out in the early 90s to commission his first production behind the camera. And like filmmakers like Clint Eastwood, Gibson subverted his image as a macho, earthy hero by showing himself to be a sensitive director. It was in The Man Without a Face (1993), a story about a distorted and reclusive teacher (experienced by the star herself) and his friendship with a boy, that Gibson first showed signs of a talented director. . The actor had, however, already made a television documentary two years earlier.

But nothing would prepare the world for Mel Gibson’s second onslaught as a director. It is in the ambitious Coração Valente (1995) that the star would enter the hall of the great filmmakers in the history of cinema, to the point of running the risk of being better known in the supporting role than as a interpreter. Braveheart, a medieval war epic, won 5 Oscars, including Best Picture. However, Gibson sidelined the director’s chair for nearly a decade, only to take the film world by storm again with The Passion of Christ (2004), a phenomenal success, betting on the films subgenre. religious – that the filmmaker did. question which was all spoken in Aramaic.

Apocalypto (2006) was an even riskier bet, with no name known in front of the cameras, this visceral adventure tale recounts the last moments of the Mayan Empire. Ten years older, and Gibson – already facing serious issues in his personal life that shut him out of Hollywood – was asked to return thanks to his creation in Until The Last Man (2016), a incredible war film about a fighter who refused to take on a weapon, due to his religious beliefs. Now director Mel Gibson is taking on the western remake of My Hate Will Be Your Heritage (The Wild Bunch, 1969), with Michael Fassbender and Jamie Foxx leading the cast, and is set to debut in 2022.

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