Adele’s 10 Best Songs

Adele is a huge force in the music business – it’s a fact.

The British singer has achieved enviable fame since her debut in 2008 with the famous ’19’, falling in public taste with her two consecutive albums and becoming one of the most successful artists of all time, breaking records of sales and sales. – such as two Grammy Awards Album of the Year figures (in 2012 and 2016), as well as memorable songs like “Rolling in the Deep”, “Someone Like You” and “Hello”.

Today, May 5, Adele turns 33 and heads to another long-awaited production. To celebrate his birthday and anticipate a work that could guarantee him even more respect on the phonographic scene, CinePOP has separated a brief list of his ten best iterations.



Album: 19

Adele’s debut single was already a clear signal that an important new face was emerging amid pop’s return to the mainstream scene. True to the soul roots that have accompanied it since its beginnings – including Amy Winehouse and Duffy, who have already brought twentieth-century classicism back to the present – the music may not have been a commercial boom, but it was nonetheless. a good start for the singer and songwriter, mainly for the nostalgic and nostalgic content of the verses.


Album: 21

The ballad “Set Fire to the Rain” is one of the hallmarks of Adele’s brief career and one of the main and most amazing tracks of ’21’. Reaching the top of the charts in several countries, including the United States, the poignant piano acts as the driving force behind a narrative that analyzes, almost romantically, relationship controversies and the impossibility of leaving the past behind.

8. “HELLO”

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Album: 25

Breaking records across the world, “Hello” marked Adele’s long-awaited comeback by ushering in a new era filled with melodic and incisive hymns, titled “25”. With no less than three Grammy statuettes, the piece is described as a ballad far superior to its compatriots and even to those that the interpreter had already presented to us.


Album: 21

“I’ll Be Waiting” represented a profound change in Adele’s musical style, not only for the dancing melody, but for the classical references it brought to the audience. Blending elements of folk, soul and Motown, the track presents a very upbeat tone that opens with the allegorical saxophone and turns towards a growing, engaging and quite fun gospel.


Album: 19

If Adele is known for her compositions which touch the heart of our soul and make us reflect on life and its ephemeral, “Someone Like You” is the amalgam that brings out the best of herself. Becoming one of the best-selling digital songs of all time, the track was one of the last composed for the ’19’ album and ends with one of the most true and biographical tales of the century.


Album: 25

The subtle production of “When We Were Young”, the second single from the album “25”, is what turns it into a tour de force that exalts the ingenuity of the past and youthful love in its purest state. . Teaming up with Ariel Rechtshaid and Tobias Jesso Jr., Adele makes it very clear that unique poetics is her best ally – which is why she has received universal acclaim from international critics.


Album: 21

Built after some tribulations suffered by her ex-boyfriend, “Turning Tables” was wasted as a single, but it had a deserved place on our list. Here, the pop ballad mixes with an instrumental soul and forays that even plunge into a dramatic, powerful and evocative theatricality – and which, once again, put forward complicated relationships.


Album: 21

Like all female artists who dominate or have dominated the mainstream scene, Adele became the butt of sensational lies in the tabloids and was shocked when she realized that the friends themselves believed what was written. It is from there that “Rumor Has It”, one of the best interpretations of the artist’s career, was born, carried by sarcastic messages masked by an explosive and addictive infusion of blues and jazz. .


Album: 21

Although Adele has already had considerable success with her first forays, it was “Rolling in the Deep” that launched her worldwide. The debut single ’21’, considered by many to be the best album of her career so far, was painstakingly crafted alongside Paul Epworth (who would come to work with her on the famous “Skyfall”) and won three Grammy statuettes. , including Song of the Year and Record of the Year.


Album: 007 – Operation Skyfall (OST)

Following the success of “21”, Adele embarked on an ambitious journey that took her straight to the big screens and was tasked with composing and performing the theme song for “007 – Operation Skyfall”. The epic abandonment has earned him no less numerous awards, including the Oscar for Best Original Song, and universal critical acclaim – whose praise comes from the epic narrative constructed by the artist and the perfection of his powerful voice.

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