Advice on movies and series to WATCH in streaming

With two big premieres this weekend, the streams have many interesting additions to their respective catalogs. With that in mind, CinePOP has separated five productions to check out this weekend.

Memory paths (HBO Max)

With Hugh Jackman, this science fiction is a good choice for a day without commitment. Without being part of a franchise, the film manages to build its own universe well to tell the story of a veteran who makes his daily living working with a machine that allows clients to access their memories. After falling in love with a singer and she has mysteriously disappeared, this man will have to embark on an investigation full of twists and plots if he wants to see his beloved again.

It is a plot that takes advantage of this theme of “travel through the brain”, which has become a constant in recent fiction, to work on an interesting story which stands out greatly for its setting and for the atmosphere of a detective film. .

The Dinosaur Family (Disney +)

Have fun watching:

A classic from the 1990s, this series theoretically intended for children is available in the complete Disney + catalog. There are several seasons that go beyond a weekend, but the marathon is worth starting because it’s a very, very current production.

Full of implicit or explicit social critiques, the production manages to blend that with wonderful sarcastic humor, questioning everyday points from the perspective of anthropomorphic dinosaurs. Plus, the characters are very charismatic, and everyone who saw him at the time of release still manages to immerse themselves in a nice sense of nostalgia.

The Girl Who Killed Her Parents (Amazon Prime Video)

Controversial since its announcement, this national film is based on the case of the murder of a well-to-do São Paulo couple by their own daughter, Suzane Von Richthofen (Carla Diaz) and the Cravinho brothers, which shocked Brazil in the early years. 2000. projects, it is also worth watching O Menino who killed my parents, the feature films tell the story from the point of view of Daniel Cravinho and Suzane.

It’s interesting how a lot the story changes in the version you watch, each showing their own version of who manipulated whom to commit one of Brazil’s most notorious crimes. And since the feature films’ plots were based on public processes, you can watch without straining your conscience, as none of the people involved in the crime will receive a single dime from the projects.

Vivo’s Journey (Netflix)

Aimed at children, this animated musical tells the animated life of Vivo (Lin-Manuel Miranda), a jupará who works with an elderly musician in Cuba. However, when invited to a performance in the United States, the friend kicks his boots, leaving Vivo sorry. Out of respect for the elderly, the little jupará decides to honor his memory by going to Miami to deliver his long love letter to the loved one in question.

Along the way, the friendly mammal gets carried away in the strangest confusion. All to the sound of the music of Lin-Manuel Miranda. It’s a visually beautiful animation, but maybe not so appealing to adults because it’s more childish, but the little ones are sure to love it.

Star Wars Visions (Disney +)

This animated series from the Star Wars universe is unlike anything that has been done so far.

There are nine episodes of approximately 20 minutes in length, in which the creative team use animated worlds storytelling and animation techniques to tell parallel stories set in eras of the Star Wars universe.

The blending of this space world with Japanese culture was a perfect combination that adds a lot to the mythology of the franchise.

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