After leaving BBB, Lucas Penteado receives invitation to star in a movie

According to Uol, ex-brother Lucas Penteado received an invitation to star in a movie shortly after deciding to leave the BBB 21 house.

The idea behind the idea was director Sabrina Fidalgo, who intends to make Lucas the protagonist of her next feature film, titled “Karnaval”.

For those who do not know, the filmmaker is considered one of the most outstanding voices of the current generation and has already won awards at festivals for his work in the acclaimed medium-length film ‘Rainha’ (2016) .

In the plot, Rita is a young woman who dreams of becoming the queen of the samba school in her community. When she finally realizes her dream, she begins to face some dark situations in her life.

In an interview with the portal, Sabrina did not want to reveal much and said that the production of “Karnaval” was still in its infancy.

On Twitter, she reaffirmed that it would be an honor if Lucas accepted the proposal.

As soon as he left the program due to the reviews he had received, the actor was embraced by the solidarity of fans and several artists.

Moreover, he has already amassed over 7.5 million followers on Instagram, which is sure to generate work as a digital influencer.

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