‘Alien’ and ‘007’ actor Yaphet Kotto dies at 81

Through a statement on Facebook, the wife of actor Yaphet Kotto (“ Alien – The 8th passenger ”), Sinahon Thessa, announced that he had died on Monday evening (15), aged 81 years.

So far, the cause of death has not been revealed.

Kotto was best known for his roles as trainer Dennis Parker in “Alien” (1979) and Dr Kananga./Mr Big in “Com 007 – Viva e Let Morrer” (1973).

However, he also gained great prominence while playing with Arnold Schwarzenegger in “ The Survivor ” (1987) and being part of the cast of the series “ Homicide ”, which presented between 1993 and 1999.

In part of the statement, Thessa regrets the loss of her husband.


“I am sad and still in shock at the death of my husband Yaphet, with whom I was with 24 years ago. He passed away at around 10:30 p.m. PT last night. It’s a painful moment that I let all of my husband’s fans, friends and family know. We still had a lot of plans, my dear. You’ve had a lot of interviews and offers from movies like “GI Joe” and the Tom Cruise movie and others. “

She added:

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“You still intend to launch your book and create a religious organization based on Yogananda’s teachings. You’ve played a villain in some of your movies, but for me you’re a real hero and for a lot of people too. You are a good man, a good father, a good husband and a decent human being, very rare to meet. One of Hollywood’s best actors, a legend. Rest in peace, darling, I will miss you every day, my best friend, my rock. I love you and you will always be in my heart until we meet again.

I am saddened and still in shock at the passing of my 24 year old husband Yaphet. He died last night around 10:30 p.m. …

Posted by Sinahon Thessa on Monday March 15, 2021

His last performance was in “ A Witness Not Protected ”, with Larry, the Cable Guy and Jenny McCarthy in 2008.

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