‘Alien’: ‘Legion’ creator talks about possible series based on classic franchise

In an interview with Deadline, Noah Hawley, creator of the acclaimed “ Fargo ” and “ Legion ” series, returned to talk about the series he was planning to be based on the “ Alien ” franchise, but it didn’t seem not very positive about the future of the project.

“I know there is an effort to revamp a number of things after purchasing FOX by Disney and we talked about this a few years ago. I haven’t talked about the project in recent weeks, but I know that, like any other studio, there is a great desire to take advantage of the catalog. [da FOX], so I wouldn’t be surprised if they started to develop something franchise related.

He adds: “I had conversations [com o estúdio], but I am not committed to the project. “

Recently, Hawley had revealed his vision for the series he was planning based on the “Alien” franchise, created by Ridley Scott.

“On one level, ‘Alien’ is the complete opposite of ‘Stark Trek’. This is humanity at its worst. There is a scene in the second movie that Sigourney’s character says, “I don’t know which species is the worst. At least they’re not working together for money. If you look at the franchise, it’s usually a contained story – stuck in a boat, stuck in a jail, etc. And because Alien has a defined life cycle – it starts off as an egg, then becomes a torso, and ultimately a xenomorph – there is a certain routine to that.

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He continues, “I thought it would be cool if we could develop this. If we were to create something for television, we would have at least 10 hours of content. Even if you have a lot of action, like two hours, what would you do with the remaining eight hours? What would be the subject of the series? This is what I tried to talk about [com a FOX]. Just like I did with ‘Legion’, I thought, let’s take out all those superhero elements and see if it’s still a good series. So, I thought about removing Alien from the show. What would become of the series? What are the themes, who are the characters and what are the human dramas? So we would put Alien back on track and it would be like, ‘This is great! Not only do we have these incredible dramas, but there are aliens too! “.”

At the time, the project was shelved because FOX wanted to invest only in the film franchise.

Remember that the direct sequel to ‘Alien: Covenant’ titled ‘Alien: Awakening’ was canceled due to the commercial failure of ‘Covenant’.

With the purchase of FOX by Disney, the future of the franchise has become even more uncertain, but it looks like Scott is looking for new ways to continue this universe.

In an interview with Forbes, Scott said he was still developing the new film in the ‘Alien’ saga and confessed that he was unsure of which direction to go with the project, saying he was considering “reimagining ” franchise.

“We are in the process [de desenvolvimento do novo filme]. We have followed a path of trying to reinvent the franchise with “Prometheus” and “Covenant”. It is questionable whether or not we will invest again in this trip, because “Prometheus” has already explored this proposal well. We ask ourselves like, “ Have Alien, Facehugger and Chestburster become tiring? Should we rethink everything? This is my main question.

“Alien: Covenant” has raised $ 240 million worldwide, with a budget of $ 97 million.

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