Amazon Prime Video DECEMBER premieres

Finally, December has arrived and, with it, the premieres of Amazon Prime Video. With LOTS of original content and the full arrival of the Lost series, the catalog is gaining significant additions, such as Sylvie’s Love and How to Train Your Dragon 3. Don’t waste time and check everything that comes on the platform this month -this. Stay tuned because there is already something new out there!

1st December


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The month begins with one of the most popular series in history. The plot covers the lives of plane crash survivors on a mysterious island, where they face bizarre challenges in order to survive. But, despite all the strange things and the mystery that surrounds this island, the biggest challenge remains for the other survivors and their peculiarities. The series is already complete in the catalog.

Where’s Wally? (season 1)

Based on the series of books, this animated series from Dreamworks adapts the character’s story to a wizarding plot. In the plot, Wally and Wanda must complete the missions passed by the wizard Whitebeard and face the terrible Lulu. A great choice for children.

Ghost hunters

Regarded as a film released on television, this film ended up being the second highest grossing film in the United States in 1984. The story is well known and helped not only to launch Bill Murray’s name to stardom, but also the film itself. to the status of a pop culture icon.

The Hero’s Return

Released in 2018, this French comedy film has gone unnoticed in Brazil, but it’s definitely worth an hour and 31 minutes in length. Because in the midst of all the overdone clothing from a period movie, this extravaganza ends up helping to create a truly funny movie. The plot is set in the 19th century, when Captain Neville leaves his wife to go to war. Without hearing her future husband, young Pauline is in agony. Concerned about Pauline’s mental health, her sister (Mélanie Laurent) begins to write idealized and heroic love letters posing as Neville. The problem is, he does eventually return home, and his personality is completely the opposite of what the letters described.

December 3

Can you keep a secret?

Starring Alexandra Daddario, this 2019 romantic comedy tells the story of a junior marketing analyst who goes to a convention in Chicago and, due to turmoil on the flight home, tells a boy all his secrets and frustrations. in the plane. Later, she prepares for a meeting with the CEO of the international division of the company where she works. And guess: the CEO was the guy on the plane. With a few twists and turns, it’s a very modern take, this indie romantic comedy is really fun.

December 4

Metal sound

The film tells the story of a young drummer who receives the sad news that he is becoming deaf. With his future at stake, he realizes that he will have to take advantage of his passion: music. However, it ends up upsetting your relationship.

December 8

One night in Bangkok

After claiming his 500th victim, Kai decides to retire from the life of the world’s No.1 professional killer, but, as expected, fails to retire, as he faces an enemy considered to be the perfect killer. . The feature has good fight choreography and an interesting neon look.

December 10

The year of marriage

Another romantic comedy to enter the Amazon Prime Video catalog, The Wedding Year has a differential that should be very successful here in Brazil: the presence of Tyler James Williams, Chris from Everybody Hates Chris. He plays Mara’s boyfriend, a photographer who isn’t sure if her boyfriend is the right guy to marry, but after being invited to 15 weddings in a row, maybe she’ll change her mind.

December 11

I’m your wife

Starring Rachel Brosnahan (The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel) tells the story of a mother who needs to flee after her baby’s father cheats on his pals in a crime and they come after his family for revenge. This Amazon original film is a mix of action and suspense and is one of the platform’s main bets for awards season.

The Wilds: Wild Lives (temp. 1)

This Amazon original series has a way of Lost for teens. This is because the plot revolves around a group of teenagers who have suffered a plane crash and are stranded on an island. There they must learn to live to survive and face their life before the accident to resolve themselves and take their course on the island.

December 15

Call me Bruna (season 4)

The fourth season of the sensational FOX Premium series, Me Chame de Bruna, arrives at Prime Video on December 15. The controversial story of call girl Bruna Surfistinha continues to give way on streaming screens.

December 16

The Expanse (season 5)

The fifth season of one of today’s quieter fictional series arrives worldwide on the 16th. The showrunner of the series says it is the most epic and also the most personal season ever. in this universe.

December 18

El Cid (season 1)

Starring Jaime Lorente, of La Casa de Papel, El Cid is an original Amazonian production about the warrior Rodrigo “Ruy” Díaz, a noble and loyal Hispanic warrior who made history with his bravery in the 11th century.

The Grand Tour (season 4)

Considered the most hacked series on Amazon Prime Video, it accompanies the trio from Top Gear on their journey around the world by experimenting and running in the most varied vehicles. It’s simple but fun.

December 22

How to Train Your Dragon 3

The latest chapter in the best animated trilogy of the 21st century is finally coming to streaming for everyone to find out. In the plot, Hiccup commands Berk’s dragon squadron. With the intention of turning the island into a sanctuary, he begins to attract more and more dragons to the area, which attracts the attention of hunters. In this, an enemy specialized in the hunt for nocturnal furies seems focused on the murder of the last of the species: the Toothless. Even if it means playing with the emotions of the dragon. Will Soluço and Banguela be able to escape it? Is this the end of the dragons?

December 25th

Sylvie’s love

With a predominantly black cast, this drama tells the story of a jazz musician and his girlfriend Sylvie (Tessa Thompson), who works as a television producer. The film is set in the 1960s in New York City and promises to be a great love story.

December News on Prime Video Channels

In the midst of the American Civil War, three men – a mysterious gunman and two strangers – form an unexpected alliance to find a fortune that is buried in an unknown cemetery. The problem is that none of them intend to share the wealth.

Butterbean’s Cafe

A fairy named Butterbean runs the neighborhood cafe with her friends. Serving healthy and sweet snacks to residents of her community of Puddlebrook, she has great adventures.

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