American Gods: Ricky Whittle talks about Shadow Moon’s epic journey in season 3

Season 3 of ‘American Gods’ has already made its debut on the Amazon Prime Video lineup, with the arrival of its first episode.

And the new cycle promises to correct the mistakes of the past and resume the true journey of protagonist Shadow Moon, who now has to face the fact that his father is none other than Odin, the god of all gods.

And in an interview with Portal Collider, character interpreter Ricky Whittle talked about this new phase of Moon:

“It is no more possible to have fatherly problems than when your father is Odin, the god of all gods, especially when you only find out after you have become a grown man and have literally lived a life of hell. Your mother passed away at the age of 15, you never had a father figure, you never had any friends and you were silent until you met the beautiful young woman you have married. And then you find out that your father killed her too, and then he wants favors. This is where we meet Shadow Moon in season three. He’s now become an irritable teenager who doesn’t want to talk to his father, and for good reason. He has problems to solve ”.

Check out the trailer:

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Inspired by the acclaimed book by Neil Gaiman, “American Gods” shows the Earth being invaded by new and old gods, assuming these mythological creatures exist because of popular belief. Over the years, faith in these characters has faded, giving way to the emergence of new gods in the world – these fueled by the national obsession with media, celebrity culture, technology, etc.

The cast consists of McShane, Whittle, Emily Browning, Orlando Jones, Crispin Glover and Pablo Schreiber.

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