“American Horror Stories”: “AHS” Spinoff Series Wins First Scary Teaser; Check!

Via Twitter, the @CentralAHSBr page posted the first official, high-quality teaser for “American Horror Stories,” a spin-off series of “American Horror Story.”

The spin-off is set to debut on July 15, 2021 and will air on Hulu.


AAAAAA !!! The first American Horror Stories teaser now in better quality pic.twitter.com / pLkXRip2t8

– Horror Story in Central America (@CentralAHSBr) June 7, 2021

With few details released, it is known that the episodes will be short stories of an hour each, rather than full seasons. In addition, Sarah Paulson will be responsible for leading some chapters.

Kevin McHale (‘Glee’), Dyllón Burnside (‘Pose’), Charles Melton (‘Riverdale’) and Nico Greetham (‘The Prom’) will perform in the first season. Evan Peters also returns to his role as Tate Langdon.

Remember that the main series is entering its 10th season. Entitled “American Horror Story: Double Feature,” the first episode will air on August 25.

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