American superheroes and bizarre series are most popular on Netflix in 2020

According to a survey conducted by FlixPatrol, “The Umbrella Academy” was Netflix’s most popular series of 2020. Streaming renewed the series yesterday for its third season, targeting the success and popularity it received with its first cycles.

The second place on the list is even more irreverent: the controversial documentary series “ Tiger King – The Mafia of the Tigers ” was very successful with streaming subscribers.

The original Netflix documentary took the world by storm with a quirky and quirky narrative, and was watched by over 34.3 million different accounts in the United States in its first 10 days of release.

For comparison, the third season of “ Stranger Things, ” one of the streaming service’s most popular productions, garnered 36.3 million views over the same period nationwide.

Third comes “Cobra Kai” – a series derived from “Karate Kid”.

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The score was calculated based on the number of days that productions appear in Netflix’s Top 10 Most Popular Programs or Movies lists in the identified month.

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Keep in mind that Netflix has officially renewed the series “ The Umbrella Academy ” for the third season, and filming for the new cycle is expected to start already in February of next year.

For this reason, several fans have taken to social media to celebrate the news with messages of enthusiasm and expectation for the new episodes.

Some Internet users are already creating theories about the direction of the characters.

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umbrella academy renewed for season 3 and I can only think of Ben alive, Five is getting more and more panicked with the brothers and if Diego will ever have a romance without so much deadly madness, poor guy. KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK

– esterzinha (@mebragaa) November 11, 2020

come back here to let me know q THE UMBRELLA ACADEMY HAS BEEN RENEWED crlh I’m going to explode with happiness, thanks to everyone involved K bjs

– Raquel ShelbyWONDER (@quelschreave) November 11, 2020

The Umbrella Academy renewed:


– Rafael ˢᶜᶜᵖ (@sccprafael_) November 11, 2020

The Umbrella Academy renewed for the third season

– Loud Xis7 (@Mello_pc) November 11, 2020

The renewed Theo Umbrella Academy is my lifeline

GO TO LOUIS PORRA SHOW (@ Yasmin_Shine88) November 11, 2020

pqpppp I dreamed that the umbrella academy was going to be renewed and woke up to this news

– ツ (@jpdin_) November 11, 2020

The Umbrella Academy season 3

– Aleh Renata (@Roiamigo) November 11, 2020

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA the umbrella academy has been renewed for the third season see, nothing can spoil my day today

– cadê a loló (@ LorrainezinhaS2) November 11, 2020

umbrella academy has been renewed for season three i need therapy

– anaa⃤ (@stylxrs) November 11, 2020

The umbrella academy has been renewed, nothing spoils my week

– moura (@liviamourax) November 11, 2020


– Philippe; ahs10 ︎ (@walkthinking) November 11, 2020


– emilly ︎ (@hargreevexs) November 11, 2020

The umbrella academy renewed

– gio (@g__reis) November 11, 2020

Oh meu deus! We are back! Again! It’s official. The Umbrella Academy’s S3 production begins in February

– Umbrella Academy (@UmbrellaAcad) November 10, 2020

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