“Amor sem Medida”: the comedy with Leandro Hassum and Juliana Paes DIVIDING Internet users; Check out the reactions!

Brazilian romantic comedy ‘Amor sem Medida’, starring Leandro Hassum and Juliana Paes, is already available on Netflix – and it appears to be dividing subscribers on the streaming platform.

While some netizens loved the production, others definitely didn’t like the narrative.

Check out the reactions below:

@NetflixBrasil what a disappointment in this movie with #leandrorassum… wow !!! But it’s worth it, I took a good look !? # amorsemmedida… this infographic is a bit out of “orbit…” it looked like a character from @josoarestrue that he used to make a “praying” little boy, at #vejaogordo kkkk pic.twitter.com/ uJxcIBXW6a

– Wagner Henrique Brag (@brag_wagner) November 19, 2021

The visual effects of this new Netflix movie “Love Without Measure” kkkkkkk are laughable. Hands completely disproportionate to Leandro Hassum’s body.

– DJ Kurinaldison (@exprefeita) November 19, 2021

Love without measure, I recommend it to anyone who wants sixth on Netflix kkkkk

– Gabriel Ataulo (@ GabrielAtaulo97) November 19, 2021

Enjoy watching:

watch love without measure on netflix it’s very boom

– Nicole (@ _nic22) November 19, 2021

I loved ‘Amor sem Medida’ is very good, a national production of very high quality. Juliana Paes and Leandro Hassun are wonderful… I had so much fun watching! #Netflix https://t.co/GdI55LHiiz

– Vanessa Santos (@ vanessa_nsant0s) November 19, 2021

I loved the movie Love Without Measure which is available on Netflix, it’s very interesting 😍

– Renan Romão (@orenanromao) November 19, 2021

people watch love without measure on netflix it’s very boom

– Ana (@invsibleswiftie) November 19, 2021

Guys watch “Love Without Measure” on Netflix he’s Brazilian and I liked it

– Evelyn Tolotti (@TolottiEvelyn) November 19, 2021

Will anyone liked this movie “loving without measure”? My God, I didn’t like it! @netflix failed the recommendation this time 😒

– Ingrid Santana (@santanaingriidd) November 19, 2021

I love leandro hassum but that new netflix movie out there right… .. love without measure…. right, they cut the cost…. ridiculous

– ◡̈ (@devilconquer) November 18, 2021

love without measure comes from netflix
the other msm that comes out in the cinema is a documentary …
don’t defend the indefensible

– André (@algsavi) November 8, 2021

Since lawyer Ivana Cornejo (Paes) divorced, her love life has stagnated. One day, when he loses his cell phone, luck strikes: a friendly and funny man calls saying he has found the device. They decide to have a coffee, and when Ivana finally meets Ricardo Leão (Hassum), she is surprised by his stature.

The cast also includes Elizângela, Marcelo Mansfield, Marcelo Laham and Luana Martau, with special appearances by Rafael Portugal, Carol Portes and Rogério Morgado, and the debut of Pietra Hassum.

To concern:

‘Love Without Measure’ is a remake of the Argentinian film ‘Corazón de León’. The Brazilian version is directed by Ale McHaddo, with a screenplay by Michelle Ferreira.

Make sure you watch:

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