‘Amor, Sublime Amor’ to hit theaters WITHOUT LEGEND in Spanish part required by Steven Spielberg

Steven Spielberg made his musical debut with ‘Love, Sublime Love’ (‘West Side Story’), a remake of the classic 1961 film of the same name directed by Jerome Robbins and Robert Wise.

The plot of Spielberg’s version remains the same: Two teenage boys fall in love in 1950s New York City despite their ties to rival street gangs, the Jets and Sharks.

The film stars Ansel Elgort and Rachel Zegler as Tony and María, as well as Ariana DeBose, David Alvarez and Mike Faist.

Rita Moreno, who starred in the original, appears in the supporting role and this time is the executive producer.

Even hailed as a masterpiece by critics, Spielberg’s version was hampered by one detail: the lack of subtitles in scenes where the actors speak Spanish.

During an interview with IndieWire, Spielberg explained that there was reasoning behind the decision.

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The director said he chose to omit the captions “out of respect for the inclusion of our intentions to hire an all-Latin cast to play the boys and girls of the Sharks.”

While many might oppose his choice, believing that it leaves non-Spanish speaking audiences in the dark about what is being said, the director felt he had to respect the language and its cast.

In its justification, it completes:

“It was an order that I gave to Cindy Tolan, who played the film, that I would not participate in any audition that was not for [atores com] parents, grandparents or themselves from Latin American countries. Especially about Puerto Rico, we watch a lot in Puerto Rico, we have 20 performers in our film from Puerto Rico or who are Nuyorican [termo usado para definir porto-riquenhos que vivem em Nova York]. It was very important and it fits my reasoning not to caption the lines in Spanish.

For Spielberg, the Spanish subtitles would take on the strength of the language, and he wanted the opposite, he wanted the Latin origins to gain prominence in the plot.

“If I were to caption it, I would just superimpose English on Spanish and give power to English over Spanish. I didn’t want that to happen in this movie, I had to respect the language enough not to caption. “

Spielberg’s decision is important, not only to the film’s audiences, but to the cast.

Moreno even spoke about the lack of diversity in the 1961 version, in which the white actors were made up to look Puerto Rican. For her, Spielberg’s creative choices contribute to a better representation of Latino actors in Hollywood.

Recalling that the feature film will be released in theaters on December 9.

At Rotten Tomatoes, production started with 95% approval, scoring a very high 8.40 / 10 based on 79 reviews. By comparison, the original version, released in 1961, has an acceptance rate of 93%.

Check out the main comments below:

“How do you honor the past and recognize mistakes? With consideration and competence and Rita Moreno ”- Thrillist.

“The love, the sublime love of Steven Spielberg is at its best when he focuses on studying one character at a time” – Slant Magazine.

“Surprisingly, Spielberg manages to improve the original film with more authenticity and therefore more raw emotions and meanings” – Beyond the Trailer.

“[O filme] expands and strengthens every detail and character imaginable ”- Flickering Myth.

“‘Amor, Sublime Amor’ is filled with stellar choreography and breathtaking performances” – Perri Nemiroff.

‘Amor, Sublime Amor’ is set in 1950s New York and tells the story of a loving couple trying to save their romance while being torn apart by the rivalry between the white and Latino gangs they are a part of. : Tony is a member of the Jets and Maria of the Sharks, all based on another classic, “Romeo and Juliet” by Shakespeare.

The film stars Ansel Elgort (“Foul of the Stars”) and newcomer Rachel Zegler, as Tony and Maria, respectively.

The screenplay is by Oscar nominee and Pulitzer Prize winner Tony Kushner. Leonard Bernstein, Stephen Sondheim and Jerome Robbins take care of the music, lyrics and choreography.

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