‘An almost perfect pair’: meet the cast of the classic reboot series with Tom Hanks

The Disney + platform continues to invest in reboots and remakes of classic family productions and in addition to developing a series based on the “ We Are the Champions ” franchise, the Casa do Mickey division has announced that Another iconic feature film from the 80s would get a contemporary version, in serial format.

The buddy comedy ‘Almost Perfect Pair’ (Turner & Hooch), starring Tom Hanks, will win a reboot with a new cast, led by actor Josh Peck (“ Drake and Josh ”). The information was revealed by the Deadline portal.

The main cast of the series is still formed by Matt Hamilton (The Actress Diaries), Paul Campbell (Battlestar Galactica) and Cristina Rosato (Love in Little Italy).

In the new version, Peck is a federal policeman named Scott Turner, who inherits a mean dog. At first, he doesn’t like the idea, but gradually he will realize that the partner he didn’t want is exactly what he needed. Eventually, Turner and Hooch become great friends.

Director McG, who is responsible for the remake of “The Panthers”, will direct the first episode of the series, in addition to assuming the role of executive producer of the project.

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20th TV has already ordered 12 episodes of the “Almost Perfect Pair” series.

Matt Nix, creator of “Burn Notice” and “The Gifted”, will be responsible for the series’ script, in addition to assuming the role of executive producer alongside Josh Levy (“Bones”).

Check out the character descriptions:

Hamilton plays Trent Havelock, Scott Turner’s senior vice-marshal. The one thing he likes more than chasing bad guys is getting credit at the press conference that follows. He gets all the fame, all the fame, and all the big boxes – whatever Scott thinks he wants. And he doesn’t like dogs very much.

Campbell plays Grady Garland, Laura Turner’s ex-husband and Matthew’s father. He’s a well-meaning small-town cop who peaked in high school and, now, probably has more in common with his 8-year-old son than with his ex.

Rosato plays Olivia, fiancee to Xavier Watkins. An Oakland Midwestern police officer, she is warm, serious and enthusiastic – seemingly the opposite of her enigmatic future husband.

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