Analysts say ‘Godzilla vs. Kong’ is set to raise double of ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ at the box office

Box office analysts have started tracking ticket sales data for “Godzilla vs Kong” and sharing their results. The prediction for the film’s opening at the US box office on Wednesday, March 31 indicates that the film should have a much wider opening than that of “Wonder Woman 1984”, released at the height of the pandemic.

Presales for the film kaiju are doing well, and this total excludes the number of private screenings.

According to analyst MeJat, “Godzilla vs. Kong” is expected to raise between $ 35 million and $ 40 million in its five-day opening.

The figure is much higher than that of “Wonder Woman 1984,” which debuted on Christmas Day and raised $ 16.7 million over the weekend.

The numbers are pulled by the reopening of theaters in Los Angeles and New York, which constitute the largest film markets in the world and represent an excellent signal for studios and distributors.

Legends clash in “Godzilla vs. Kong ”, when these mythical adversaries find themselves in a spectacular battle, in which the fate of the world kicks in. Kong and his protectors embark on a dangerous journey to find their true home. With them is Jia, a young orphan who has a unique and strong bond with Kong. But they had no idea they were on the way of a rabid Godzilla, who leaves a trail of destruction across the planet. This epic battle between the two titans, unleashed by hidden forces, is just the beginning of the mystery that lies at the heart of the Earth.

Directed by Adam Wingard (‘You’re Next’), the feature will continue the events of ‘Godzilla II: King of the Monsters’ and ‘Kong: Skull Island’.

Revealed as ‘Kong – Skull Island’ connects to ‘Godzilla’ [SPOILER]

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The cast includes Millie Bobby Brown, Julian Dennison, Rebecca Hall, Eiza Gonzalez, Brian Tyree Henry, Alexander Skarsgård, Jessica Henwick and Demian Bichir.

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