” And if… ? “: Creator says” watching animation is like watching a Marvel movie “

What if you could watch an animated version of a Marvel Studios movie? This is the idea of ​​’What If…?’, An upcoming animation by the studio in partnership with Disney +.

In an interview with Total Film, the creator of the production, AC Bradley, commented on the matter and ensured that the experience of following the series will be the same as watching the MCU movies.

“When we started working on this idea, I joked that we write some really expensive fanfics. If you think about it, we make MCU movies, but they’re animated and with side stories. But basically, l The experience is the same as watching a live action movie, but with more freedom. ”

She continued:

“The first season has 10 episodes centered on various characters who have passed through the cinema. But these are more than animated appearances, it will be something quite surprising.

Remember that “What if …?” Is set to open in the second half of 2021 and will feature anthology stories imagining what the MCU would look like in various alternate realities.

However, the episodes will not be part of the canon known to fans.

A few days ago, Disney + posted a few images that showcase Peggy Carter as Captain Britânia, Nick Fury, Hawkeye, and Doctor Strange.


Enjoy watching:

Laura Karpman, known for her work on “Lovecraft Country” and “LA’s Finest”, will be responsible for the soundtrack for the series.

“What If” is an anthology that introduces audiences to alternate storylines for Marvel’s most iconic characters, and they provide subtle things like Spider-Man joining the Fantastic Four or what would happen if the world knew Daredevil is blind. , even more extreme scenarios – for example, what if Loki had found the hammer instead of Thor, or if Doctor Strange had become a disciple of Dormammu?

Another very popular aspect of this compilation explores what the world would be like if certain characters had survived rather than died. For example, one of the comics explores the world in which Peter’s uncle, Ben Parker, did not die, or in which Gwen Stacy did not die at the hands of the Green Goblin.

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