“And just like that…”: The rebirth of “Sex and The City” is confirmed WITHOUT Kim Cattrall; Check out the teaser!

The rebirth of the acclaimed ‘Sex and The City’ series has been officially confirmed by the HBO Max streaming platform and will bring the return of the original cast, but without actress Kim Cattrall.

The production, which will consist of 10 episodes lasting around half an hour, will be titled “ And just like that … ” and will have its first teaser released. In the promo video, actress Sarah Jessica Parker’s iconic voice emerges as the narrator, amid images of New York City.


Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis will return not only as respective protagonists, but also behind the project as executive producers. Michael Patrick King, writer, director and executive producer of “Sex and The City” returns in the same role as producer.

“And Just Like That …” will be based on the book “Sex and The City” by Candice Bushnell, in addition to being a sequel to the famous series of the same name, developed by Darren Star.

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Check out the official announcement:

“The series follows Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte as they navigate the complicated journey of life and friendship from their 30s, now to an even more complicated stage in their 50s.”

Cattrall’s absence from the rebirth is no longer a surprise, as the actress herself had previously expressed her contempt for the possibility of a revival of the series, due to disagreements between her and Parker.

In interviews, the actress has even admitted to being harassed backstage by her colleague, who would envy the popular reach of her character, Samantha Jones.

Additionally, Cattrall has reported on awkward situations suffered behind the scenes, due to troubled relationship dynamics with the castmate. It would have made the actress lose interest in remaining involved in the franchise.

Created by Darren Star (now in front of Emily in Paris), the original series spanned six seasons, aired between 1998 and 2004 on HBO.

The plot follows four friends who dealt with celibate life in New York in the late 1990s, while one of them recounts his experiences in a journalistic column.

In theaters, “Sex and the City” grossed $ 415 million worldwide, while the sequel reached $ 280 million.

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