“And just like that”: the rebirth of “Sex and the City” MATA [SPOILER] in a BOMBASTIC way!

This content contains spoilers.

The series ‘And Just Like That8230 ;: A New Chapter of Sex and The City’ is already streaming on HBO Max. .

At the end of Episode 1, Mr. Big suffers from a massive heart attack and dies in the arms of Carrie – who was surprised to come home and see her husband collapse on the bathroom floor. , a few minutes before his farewell.

The second chapter discusses the stages of mourning experienced by the protagonist, as well as the preparations for the funeral of the beloved character.

Big’s farewell came as an unexpected surprise to “Sex and The City” fans, who have spent years watching Carrie fall in love with the successful handsome businessman over the series’ eight seasons.

Still, Mr. Big is expected to be seen in future chapters of the revival, in flashback scenes. Considering that star Chris Noth shot several scenes in New York City, he should be fondly remembered by Carrie.

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The sequels series follows Carrie, Miranda, and Charlotte as they navigate the complicated journey of life and friendship from their early thirties to an even more convoluted phase in their fifties.

The new season will consist of ten episodes and will also include the return of Steve (David Eigenberg), Harry (Evan Handler), Stanford (Willie Garson), Anthony (Mario Cantone) and Aidan (John Corbett).

Recalling that Kim Cattrall, interpreter of the iconic Samantha, can not believe it.

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Cathy Ang (‘On the Moon’s Way’), Niall Cunningham (‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’), Alexa Swinton (‘Time’), Cree Cicchino (‘Mr. Iglesias’), Sarita Choudhury, Nicole Ari Parker and Karen Pittman complete the to throw.

Sara Ramirez (“Grey’s Anatomy”) will introduce her as Che Diaz, a non-binary comedian who hosts a podcast featuring Carrie as a regular guest.

Created by Darren Star (now ahead of “Emily in Paris”), the original series had six seasons, which aired between 1998 and 2004 on HBO.

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